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Top 10 NBA Plays of the Night: March 15, 2017

Check out the top 10 plays of the night around the NBA, featuring James Harden, Clint Capela, Ricky Rubio, Andrew Wiggins, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Isaiah Thomas, Kawhi Leonard, C.J. McCollum, Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, Rudy Gobert, and Goran Dragic!


Republicans Pro-Life or Pro-Death?

When audience members at recent Republican presidential debates cheered executing 234 people in Texas and letting the uninsured die from lack of medical care, it raised questions about the hypocrisy of conservative Christians and small government Tea Party libertarians in the Republican Party as I show in this video.

The clips I use of Bill Maher come from HBO’s September 16, 2011, broadcast of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, longer clips of which are currently available on YouTube at and at

The clip I use of Brian Williams asking Gov Rick Perry about his 234 executions in Texas comes from MSNBC’s September 7, 2011, broadcast of the “GOP Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library” available online at

The clip I use of Wolf Blitzer and Texas Rep. Ron Paul discussing the uninsured comes from CNN’s September 12, 2011, broadcast of the “CNN Tea Party Republican Debate” available online at

The clips I use of Stephen Colbert come from a longer segment of the September 13, 2011, broadcast of “The Colbert Report” available online at