Do you know your rights? – Video Pro Life

The sign technique (an expressive form of the 1960s, dating back to Bob Dylan's "Subterranean homesick blues") was used to denounce the violation of a fundamental right, that of Life.
The tragic percentage of abortions in Europe (source: Osservatore Romano, reflects on the problem.
We do not call abortion a "free choice" but consider it for what it is: an attack on the universal rights of man. (
The way in which the video is filmed, sometimes "cartoonesco", wants to make curiosity right in the children, tomorrow's adults, who will find themselves in the fight for the elementary principles of life.
Their, and those who have no voice to be heard.

Video used for the U.S. election campaign (2013). Olimpia Tarzia.

Subject and idea: Federico Bason – Music: Cabal