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“I have a strict texting policy” (Professor destroys cell phone)

A professor confiscates the phone of a student who is texting in class. He snaps the phone in two and throws it into a water glass. He then proceeds with his lesson as if nothing has happened. After a minute or so, the clearly perturbed student packs up and walks out of the room.


How about an extra colorful breakfast tomorrow with these tie-dyed rainbow bagel…

How about an extra colorful breakfast tomorrow with these tie-dyed rainbow bagels?! The kids would flip!
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How to Create a Web Page Tutorial WordPress 2017

This tutorial wordpress will teach you how to create a web page with WordPress from scratch. YOU CAN DO IT FROM ANY COUNTRY !! 🙂 You can create your online store, information page or just a blog. And do not worry, you do not have to know programming, just follow the steps of our tutorial and ready, in less than two hours you'll learn how to make a web page step by step or how to create an online store. And with 12 USD! You can do it ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD !! Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, no matter where you are. Just follow the steps of the tutorial and that's it!

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If you do not see the template Zerif Lite correctly when you are trying to install install via method 2 following these steps and here will teach you how to install it correctly so you DO NOT have problems.


1) Install template template Zerif Lite, but does not look the same What do I do?
If you already installed the template Zerif and your main page does not appear the same as the tutorial. Follow the steps and go

2) If I am from another country can I do the tutorial?
Of course, the tutorial you can do from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! When you click the coupon of the hosting in automatic it will be put to you in the equivalent of 12 USD according to your currency and you can buy it there.

2) When I am installing WordPress I get the red part of RUTA. How do I solve it?
Sometimes it changes a little your configuration a little 🙂 If you get to pass this, put / blog where it says path. And you will install two pages:
A) Yourdomain.com
and other
2) Yourdomain.com/blog
In order to enter and continue to do the steps, you must log in to:
Yourdomain.com/wp-admin. You put the user and password you selected from WordPress and Done! You will be able to continue editing your web page.

3) When I am buying the hosting and domain I got a price higher than 12 USD (or the equivalent in my currency) How do I arrange for it to come out at 12 USD?
By accident sometimes we put extra products without realizing it. To fix this, and that only comes out in 12 USD the hosting and our domain, is super simple, just follow these steps and you're done!

4) How do I put the CSS Code? I can not find the document
In the page of the tutorial mexicosemueve.com/becas, if you go down, you will find a section that says "Costume CSS", there comes the code in yellow, you must paste in the plugin. Here we leave a video where you explain step by step where to remove it and how to put it:

6) I have problems uploading images
If you have problems trying to upload images to your website and you get an error like HTTP follows this video

6) Does my plan include Email?
Your plan includes 10 free mail domains. In our tutoriall we do not teach you how to configure them, but there are many videos on Youtube that teach you how to do it. Here I leave you one that teaches you step by step how to configure it. Anything you do not want to battle, you can buy Godaddy's Essential Outlook E-mail plan costing about 3 USD per month and it works very well.

7) How Do I Change WooCommerce to Spanish?
Many times when we set up for the first time our page, it installs in English, but changing it to Spanish is very simple, just follow these steps and go! Create online store


I do not ignore it, I just have a personal life # messages #vk #vine #video #kherson …

https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/17913923_791428441007435_7953942736820764672_n.mp4 I do not ignore it. I just have a personal life. # Messages #vk #vine #video #kherson_insta # velichko_99 #kherson #khersongram #followme #likeforlike # lid # personal life

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Fun.: One Foot (LYRIC VIDEO)

Fun.’s lyric video for ‘One Foot’ from the album, Some Nights – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download it at


I’m standing in Brooklyn just waiting for something to happen
I can’t help but love thinking that everyone doesn’t get it
To my left there’s a window
Where did I go?
My reflection just blends in to rows of clothes
And bad ideas, but ideas nonetheless in a song

I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die
I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die

I happen to stumble upon a chapel last night
And I can’t help but back up when I think of what happens inside
I got friends locked in boxes
And no way to live, but you call it a sin isn’t up to them
After all, after all I thought we were all your children
But I will die for my own sins, thanks a lot
We’ll raise up ourselves thanks for nothing at all
So up off the ground up for fathers who are nothing but dust now

I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die
I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die

Maybe I should learn to shut my mouth
I am over twenty-five and I can’t make a name for myself
Some nights I break down and cry
I’m lucky that my father’s still alive
He’s been fighting all his life and if this is all I’ve ever known
Then may his soul live on forever in my song

I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die
I’ll put one foot in front of the other one
I don’t need a new love or a new life
Just a better place to die

In front of the other one
In front of the other one
Just a better place to die


Is This Prison Food Cruel And Unusual?

“My mouth is afraid of this food”

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Special thanks to Eastern State Penitentiary for providing Nutraloaf recipes and research

Southern Police Investigation
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Prison and cloudy sky
MaxRiesgo/ Thinkstockphotos.com

Prison wall and bridge
MaxRiesgo/ Thinkstockphotos.com

Prison Tower
MaxRiesgo/ Thinkstockphotos.com



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