The Ibiza Prep | Physique Update | Training & Nutrition Plan


Let’s see how this goes!

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35 thoughts on “The Ibiza Prep | Physique Update | Training & Nutrition Plan”

  1. I'm hoping to go to Fiji in about three months so for the first time in my life I have a real fitness goal! I'm going to the gym 5-6 days a week and also watching what I eat and can already see a massive difference. Bodies are amazing!!!

  2. Love seeing full days of eating, healthy recipes and workouts with dumbbells only!! x you're gunna smash this Zanna, can't wait to watch the journey

  3. I'd like to see more workout ideas and ways to workout without going to the gym, more training stuff for people who want to tone up but can't afford a membership, i have a yoga mat and weights what can i do? xxxx

  4. You have inspired me to buy some weights and begin weight training! I have also purchased your book! So thank you very much! I'm really excited to gain physical strength rather than stressing about looks. 😀

  5. You crack me up so much ? so excited to follow you on this journey, we're off to Italy in a couple of months too so I'm gonna join you as much as possible – with the help of your BRILLIANT book! ??

  6. Good luck! Am with you on this, no drastic changes or crazy shizz but just getting back to pushing myself! I've got just over 9 weeks till glastonbury, that's my goal to feel as good as I possibly can xx

  7. Yaasss girl. You've inspired me for my "shred" I'm going away in 6 weeks. Time to get to it. I've just started my channel and thinking of documenting the journey. You're so motivating and real, love your videos. Can't wait for the next one ✌?️❤️

  8. How do you track macros?I've lost five stone and am now running/lifting weights. I don't know how to eat for this?! X

  9. Hey Zanna
    just reading your book and noticed you never mention bench press. Do you consider it mainly a male exercise or why don't you do it? 🙂

  10. Would love to see vegetarian meals! And also what snacks you opt for. And of course workouts. And vlogs!

  11. I find I am consistent and feel good intermittent fasting I find I love food all healthy but bigger portions. I can also focus more on the morning on a good workout and getting those steps in. Hiking biking and functional calisthenics are my favorite. Then a nice evening walk or frisbee to keep insulin in check.

  12. I'd find it interesting to see the days you end up tracking your macros. What you eat and how it adds up. Then to see where you make the changes and/or what you think about your intake after tracking it.

  13. Love your attitude towards this. I am going to Bali in 10 weeks so I'm definitely going to use you as inspiration! Much love X

  14. have you ever explored intermittent fasting?  Not as a weightloss tool but for the many regenerative effects that have been scientifically associated?  It can also help you tune into only eating when you are hungry.  I found stopping snacking and only eating proper meals the most effective way to feel energised

  15. Great inspiration, I have a summer holiday in 12 weeks as well as a wedding so this is exactly the motivation I needed
    ! Would love to see your workouts and suggested meals/ideas for work lunchs to prep at home etc.

  16. be so intresting to see what your macros are zanna will you be sharing this? only ask cos i knew your SUPER real andnit be nice to show people you can prep for somehing and NOT go on silly 500 cal diets or no carbs! just show people what you can eat and enjoy to be amazing

  17. This video inspired me to set some little goals of my own that I have been thinking of setting for a while now! It's reassuring to know that even fitness instructors have their own set backs and reestablish new goals. I always forget that you are people too and not just magical unicorns!

  18. You're so inspiring!! keep it up ? I've only just started watching the YouTube vids so maybe you've already included the following in later videos but to answer your question, I'd love to see your weight workouts and what exercises you choose!

  19. Hi Zanna do you know Whitney Simmons? She's an American fitness gal but she reminds me of you sometimes . You both give me so much fitness inspiration!

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