The Most Nutritious Salad To Ensure A Healthy Diet

healthy diet

A colourful diet is what its all about!

This is because all of the 5 colour groups (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple) each supply their own vitamins and minerals, so by including all the colours, you make sure that you’re hitting every possible nutrient available to you through food and this video features the simplest and most inexpensive way to do it!

Mmm heaalllthyyy.

Love and Rainbows,
Faarah D. (Nutrition and Wellness Editor, Glamrs)

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51 thoughts on “The Most Nutritious Salad To Ensure A Healthy Diet”

  1. Why put it in a jar is one supposed to eat a salad out of a jar.this channel is greatly obsessed about making things look pretty but not one is going to store the salad in the jar just to turn it upside down in a plate to eat it again.

  2. Hey love your videos ? Can u please tell me how do you make your Italian dressing ? what does it contain ? would be great if you replied ?

  3. Too much focus on the presentation takes out both the fun and scientific value of it.Cut and stored vegetables and fruits in a jar, are not the best way of procuring nutrition.And there is no need of consuming all these items in a single session.
    Any yellow or orange looking vegetable is a good source of carotene family(proVitamin A).Legumes ,pulses ,sprouts are excellent sources of vitamin C ,other than citrus fruits.
    Yes the presentation is good but who can make so much effort,practically in separating the colors before consumption?.Why to cut a carrot when you can wash and eat it,same for berries and any other fruit.why not have a corn cob with seasoning?
    I can think about so many other food items which we consume normally which contain the same if not more diverse ingredients from other nutrient families.One cannot survive on salads and shakes.

  4. faarah can you tell me where can i get that italian dressing and can i consume all those because i have pcod and hypothroid ?

  5. Hey beauty! Awesome recipe! May I know whether corn and rajma are boiled or not? "A lil bit confused with this!" Lots of love faarah..<3

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