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Executive Produced by Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives) and Eric Schlosser (Food Inc, Fast Food Nation), FOOD CHAINS exposes the abuses rampant in farm labor in the United States and reveals the forces behind that exploitation through the narrative of an intrepid group of tomato pickers in Florida, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, who are battling the 4 trillion dollar global supermarket industry – and winning!

There is more interest in food now than ever before, yet, no one is talking about the people who pick our food, the hundreds of thousands of hard working individuals to whom we are all connected through our purchases at supermarkets, farmers’ markets and restaurants.

In Theaters: November 21, 2014

Starring: Eva Longoria, Eric Schlosser, Dolores Huerta, Bobby Kennedy Jr., Ethel Kennedy, Lucas Benitez, Gerardo Reyes-Chavez, Barry Estabrook, Tom Saenz and others.
Narrated by Forest Whitaker
Directed by Sanjay Rawal
Produced by Smriti Keshari, Sanjay Rawal, Eva Longoria, Hamilton Fish

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29 thoughts on “Food Chains – Trailer”

  1. The American Dream is dead. Why do they move here when they will continue to suffer? Americans are suffering as well. What's the point? They do understand raising the price of produce would piss off people. People pay high prices for produce that is made out of season, but when it is in season I still don't expect to pay a dollar for an apple. If anything, tell CEOs to take pay cuts. Also, "Americans" would be even more enraged if they could actually live on these wages even though they refuse these jobs. Nobody wins.

  2. I like how they make it seem like they are american, most field workers are immigrants from southern countries and don't wish to stay here. I live on the border and all this is hype for an agenda. I believe there should be more stricter regulations on the treatment of workers but that is as far as they should go.

  3. This is modern day SLAVERY !
    The sad reality is this:
    North Americans DEMAND cheap food.   That so called cheap food is based on cheap labour.   How many teenagers (or adults for that matter) do you know these days that are willing to take on this job, even at a minimum hourly wage?

    Eva Longoria told Bill Maher (on the October 31st, 2014 broadcast of REALTIME)  that these workers receive ONE CENT PER POUND of tomatoes.   They pick 4,000 pounds per day which equates to $40.  Many of the workers are abused, beaten and raped.   This shouldn't happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

  4. American dream MY ASS. People think that when they move to the states all their problems are going be solved. No they won't. It's not greener on the other side of the fence. 

  5. a new film in late Nov.  Food Chains.  See where your food comes from and how workers are exploited.  Very important.  mei-ling

  6. This is what I do not understand. Mexicans come here for a better life for themselves, take jobs in these industries as illegals, and now what higher pay and fair treatment…….WTF……Don't batter the Corps you fucking retards….they are atleast employing you….wait till you are given work visas and then have to pay taxes and then healthcare. Yeah, have fun with that. My family didn't get here till the early 1900s and several of them spoke English, didn't cry for benefits or money and worked their asses off. STFU and stop crying for handouts.

  7. So immigrants come from horribly impoverished nations where they face starvation and sometimes political persecution, but America is the bad guy because we don't pay these unskilled workers enough? 

    How about a documentary on the horrible countries these people come from that can't even feed their people so they are forced to come to the United States.  

  8. If the roles were reversed would the Mexicans be treating us any better? Of course not. They deserve what they get for the sins that live in us are just as vibrant in their own black hearts.

  9. How Rosario Dawson managed to play the role of Dolores Huerta in the new Cesar Chavez movie, but not Eva Longoria is a complete mindfuck… For someone with no known educational background as Ms. Longoria (whom completed her degree and is very informed on the movie's issue), how the hell then could someone like Rosario Dawson play Dolores Huerta? HOLLYWOOD FAIL.

    As far as agriculture, it's a shame how much produce sold and bought in American stores and eaten in American homes not only comes from the hard work of these individuals, but it also comes from the ancestral backgrounds of these individuals: maize, tomatos, avocadoes, papayas, chia seeds, berries, beans, squash, peppers, etc. all native to the Western Hemisphere.

    The dinner on your table thanks to "Jesus" from the farm working under the scorching Sun, not Jesus f*cking Christ.

  10. Slavery is alive and well in the usa this is a fact ; however when I watched this film and almost fell out of my chair as spokes persons for Napa vally claimed their wines to be the best in the world. Most countries world wide turn up their nose to American wine, which is simular to American beer. Simply discusting in every way. The USA holds no number one standing with wine nor beer. If I chose only Europe as an example these are countires which produce far superior wine to that of the USA. are Italy, France,Germany,Spain, Austria, portugal, Hungry,Czech Republic,Bulgaria,Greece. This european list goes on and on. Other nations produce wine which is by large a higher grade than that of the USA.
    In closing I must point out that within Europe wines cost a fraction compared to inflated prices of their American counterparts.

  11. 1. Slave wages are paid to pick the crops we Americans consume. 
    2. The Affordable Health Care act will not apply to those who pick the food we consume. 
    3. Raising the minimum wage will not effect farm workers pay. 
    4.The immigrant population harvest the crops we Americans consume. 

    All of the above issues the Democrats and Republicans will not address these issues unless they are attempting maintain legislations allowing farm workers wages low to keep food prices low. Kill the Affordable Health Care Act to prevent more people within the clutches of slave wages. Neither party wants to raise the minimum wage. Both fear the immigrant population may not vote for them. 

    If only the 1st Nations People would have would have worked together and implemented an immigration policy?

    American Food Consumption: With, Belly’s full, Out of sight, and out of mind is how most American see these issues. 

  12. Easy fix, deport illegal immigrants.

    Everyone has to take immigration test to become a citizen

    Farmers can psy low wages to illegals cause illegals don't pay taxes, they aren't a part of the citizenry

  13. To take a personal interest and to NOT buy from the slavery trade is how "WE THE PEOPLE" make this stop!  If we don't shop there, they won't make ANY MONEY!  

  14. wow jamas pense que la productora fuera Eva Longoria. Impresionante que la humanidad no pueda aun ser "humana". 

    Uno de los mejores dcumentales que he visto

  15. I wonder if they have time or energy, after being fucked up in the fields for 40 dollars, to rape and sell drugs. I wish some stupid racist white people work at least a fucking day here to know what it feels like, and after that, we can discuss immigration issues.

  16. Slavery is alive and well in Amerika.The current day plantation is all of the Mexicanos and blacks on the dole.

  17. Im a 46yr old white male, and I am Saddened.. Wake Up PEOPLE!! and follow the fact's!? If the U.S. Government Truly wanted to stop this So called Illigal activity, They would go after the "Farm Owners" Who hire and pay these people Penny's illigally and make them live like animals, Yr after Yr on the same farm's!?? The Government know's Exactly what farmers in what state's are doing this. And yet they allow them to continue for Decade's and act Ignorant to the "Blatently Obvious" just for the sake of production? Why do they wait till the end of the picking season to raid a farm and Bust and deport the worker's, and not bust or Sieze the Farm owner and his farm??? America need's them! But only during the harvest. I am ashamed. This was there land in the first place!

  18. I can't take this shit. First a documentary on how poorly processed meat is now one on the vegetables? What am I supposed to do eat dirt? Or will a documentary come out about how unfair it is to the damn ants.

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