Permanent Beach Waves Tutorial

I love textured hair and who doesn’t like to have a permanent beach waves night and day?! Comment below.

Periscope: Guy Tang
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Thanks to Noora
Periscope: @HairByNoora

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Model: Stefani Acosta


Song by Cazztek “Keep on Dancin”

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28 thoughts on “Permanent Beach Waves Tutorial”

  1. If I was to get this done would I be able to wash my hair and still have it come out like that or would it just go back to my flat naturally straight hair??

  2. Ty Guy!? Okay this is gonna sound f'ed up to some but its not at all !! First of all just thank you, you're amazing. You don't have to share this with the world but you do. And so personally I want to say Ty for doing this soo good , telling us exactly how we need to do. Seeing it I am able to recognize that I don't actually think I could accomplish this on a daily basis. In fact I don't want to do this at all. Me and chemicals do not get along !! 🙁 But if I could be a bad ass i'ld wanna be like you !???????

  3. Hello, I am from Bangladesh and I have been watching your videos and they are awesome and the best thing about you is your are friendly and very humble. I'd love some day to get new hair make over from you.

  4. I died a little inside with this use of plastic wrap as if it was a brilliant idea while talking about waste. I'm a hairstylist, I love fab hair but i'm not in denial about the 14 billion pounds of plastic that ends up in the ocean yearly and the 17 trillion pounds of waste in landfill. Let's be creative but responsible. You can get a drain pug and not kill the planet, THAT is brilliant 😉 I appreciated the video otherwise, I use this technique when I style wigs in theatre but didn't think about using it with perm solution. So plug that drain responsibly and great tips on beach hair.

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