Best Laptop for Back to School – 2016


Some cheaper laptop options for college and highschool students heading back to school this fall. Including both Chromebook and Windows options.
Backpack –
Acer R11 –
Dell Chromebook 13 –
Acer Aspire E15 –
Asus UX360 –
Lenovo 710S –
Dell 7559 –

More info:
Lenovo 710S –
Dell 7559 –
Surface Pro 4 –
Surface 3 –
Razer Blade Stealth –
Top 5 Ultrabooks –

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30 thoughts on “Best Laptop for Back to School – 2016”

  1. If you have an extra $160 after the 210 for the aced r11 go for the acer r13 it has a 13.3in screen and is the big brother

  2. Is there any laptop for around 400€ with a good screen, and that can be used for some light gaming like a quick match on Rocket League or CSGO?

  3. I needed a cheap laptop for college ( Basic coding, assignments and stuff ). So i bought a cheap Acer for around 300$ ( i3 6th Gen, 4 Gigs RAM), Installed a 4GB RAM making it a dual channel DDR4 configuration and an 120 GB Kingston SSD. My laptop is a lot snappier than much higher priced laptops i see my friends owning. All under 450$.

  4. My mom made me a deal if I do my chores and get a good report card for June I'm getting a laptop or Macbook

  5. dave could you please do asus ux360 review, and which one do you think better, the core M3 or the i5?

  6. I have a question, is the new razor blade stealth just for gaming, i mean i also want it for college, see if i buy it for mainly for school work and merely for ganing , is it a bad idea , do i need to get another laptop than gettingg the new razor blade stealth???

  7. hey my sister needs a cheap laptop that will help with video editing. pls state which currency ur using if u tell me the price. HELP MEEE

  8. i bought the acer e15, and its definitely good for normal use. the only downside is that the screen dosent feel all that sturdy

  9. I was thinking your video would included Macbook air, it now less than 900$ for the 13' 128 GB, 2016 version. I gonna buy it when i can afford it.

  10. WHAT I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO SAY Apple laptops I think if you are not going to be doing heavy gaming and you like a really light laptop you should get the 2016 12-inch MacBook

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