BODYBUILDING EXPLAINED: The BEST Way To Build Muscle (Volume/Intensity/Programming)



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22 thoughts on “BODYBUILDING EXPLAINED: The BEST Way To Build Muscle (Volume/Intensity/Programming)”

  1. In this video I give a complete breakdown of hypertrophy (building muscle). There is A LOT more to cover but this is the best summary I could do in 15 minutes regarding volume/intensity/programming. Programming your volume is crucial.

    I'll be releasing a full powerbuilding program within two weeks and giving 4 weeks of it away for free. Stay tuned.

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  2. bit too cheap to buy a program?
    or smart enough to know there are plenty of decent programs out there for strength and size absolutely free?

  3. If I'm gaining on 10 weekly sets, is there any benefit to adding more sets, or should I only increase my weekly sets after my body had adapted to my current volume?

  4. Omars videos are all science, percentages, programming, and then you read the comments and its all about calves, bandanas and brosef. Best channel on youtube 😀

  5. There are many roads to the same destination. Some grow well with HIT/1 x week/muscle group, which is great for those of us who have a life outside of the gym.

  6. I am so lost on the "15 working sets" lets say on monday you are doing a workout, you're doing bench press, how many reps and sets would you do?

  7. My question is how do these progressions work in a body building scenario? With any kind of isolation training dumbbells and such are going to be my go to and I can't exactly load those 2% every week xD How far could I get by doing higher volume with low weight, then doing low volume with slightly higher weight, rinse repeat? (novice powerlifter with 8 months of basic 5×5 locking to move into body building)

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