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i’ve been so good lately to make videos that you guys request – this one has been on my to-do list since like forever ^.^

so here we go – my view on how to start on a healthy diet, in 6 steps.
the title might come across as quick-fix mumbo jumbo, but the things i bring up in this video are actually lessons i’ve learned that i take really seriously. it’s all about being good to yourself and listening to your body. it’s not about reaching beauty goals, losing weight, or eating a strict weird diet.

so i hope that this will be motivational to anyone who is interested in taking back their health long-term and for good. if i knew how easy and fun it was, i would have started eating this way way back when.

what do you think, did i miss an important step ? share your thoughts !

for more inspo
how veganism changed my body :
why i dont weigh myself or count calories :

ok, time to go eat some watermelon !

love // jenny



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48 thoughts on “6 STEPS TO START A HEALTHY DIET | vegan + whole foods”

  1. I just found out about your channel thanks to your collar with fablunch. I really enjoy your videos and thank you for all your tips.

  2. WTF your bloody brilliant!!! damn I love you from the first video I watched from your channel??????????????????????????????????

  3. damn you so white I don't see how you didn't accidentally cut your finger when you was cutting that cream cheese

  4. Thank you – especially for number 2! It is easy to forget that you don't have to push yourself all the time and all these motivation and goal stuff is nice but ultimately it is all about feeling good. Keep doing these beautiful videos <3

  5. As expert, I do believe Fenoboci Diet Plan can be great way to lost lots of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

  6. I love this perspective, especially when you said that healthy eating shouldn't be about numbers and beating personal goals, and when you talked about allowing yourself to be imperfect in your diet. You don't hear a perspective like this a lot, but it's so true! I can't wait to try out your recipes, they look absolutely amazing !

  7. You definitely deserve more subscribers! Your channel is amazing
    Your content is super helpful
    Your videos are high quality and beautiful
    Your editing is ON POINT
    and your quality is perfection❤️

  8. I never ever leave comments on Youtube videos but, even if you will probably not read this one, I need to tell: OMG your video editing is amazing. Each shot is beautiful, I love the colors and the blur; I can guess how much work each video requires… Anyway, you've got a new subscriber 🙂

  9. I can't help but feel so happy and calm while watching your videos, you're just about the only youtuber I've come across that doesn't talk over the top and go out of your way to sound interesting. I just find myself smiling throughout all your videos, and your vegan food videos are so inspiring, I can't wait to watch your channel grow even further ?

  10. I just found your videos. I lovee them! The quality is incredible. I have been vegan for more than a year and I find your videos really inspiring to make a good change in our lives. Thank you Jenny!

  11. Hello Jenny! I am trying to transition to the vegan lifestyle from vegetarian. It is happening slowly but surely! One of my vegan friends said she wasn't that into cheese prior to being vegan so the transition was pretty easy for her, but I LOVE cheese and it is my weakness! LOL I know I will get there!
    Also, love the tips! Balance is good!
    This is probably one of my favorite looks of yours! Hair makeup, clothes, everything! <3

  12. I love eating healthy but when I travel I have such a hard time because I want to immerse myself even though I actually don't love the food… I is this just me help

  13. When I first went vegetarian (not fully vegan yet) I thought that I'd miss meat for the rest of my life. Now I don't even remember the taste and eating it is just… not even a thought? xD

  14. Hello Jenny, I discovered your channel a couple of days ago and you already made me make my first step to the vegan diet: becoming vegetarian.

  15. Dear Jenny, I really love your purpose and style. Your videos are beautiful and the recipes amazing! Keep up making us feel ungry??

  16. Jenny, you've totally changed my approach to cooking, because of your lovely creative, clean recipes! A big thank you!!!

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