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Hope you guys enjoyed this “HOW TO GET HEALTHY WITH ME/ MY DIET TIPS” video! Definitely let me know if there are more healthy/diet related videos you’d like to see from me. And you can leave all your questions to my tumblr ask @thegoldensouls!

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Q- how old are you?
A- im 16

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23 thoughts on “HOW TO GET HEALTHY! My Diet Tips”

  1. hello, I love your ideas and on some points I totally agree with you, but what do you suggest if you are watching TV at night and are craving for a bag of chips? Do you have any healty suggestions to replace the bag of chips? Bye 🙂

  2. That i knew I had to drop around 5 lbs, but every weight loss plan and technique I tested out, let me down. However when I found the diet “lyly amazing guide” — you could Google it — Knew I had to give it a try. I lost 6 lbs in a week.

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  4. She talked a lot about vegan and meat free eating. But it's not only healthy but also good for animals and the environment. And it makes feel better mostly mentally.

  5. I loved this video but I just had a couple things wrong with it: Meat does not slow down your metabolism and she eats bread and pasta, which contains egg, and then she preaches about not putting dead animals in your body.

  6. hey guys! I'm starting a new youtube channel and its gonna be about beauty, health, lifestyle and all that good stuff! i will sub to everyone who likes and subscribes to me!

  7. My computer research has shown that nothing beats this diet program. Google “sowo amazing plan”! You could drop weight like I did that can be 15 pounds already.

  8. mmm… darling, I dont mean to be rude but is not 100 grams of broccoli, but 100 calories, which is a lot more broccoli than 100g….

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