How to Cook: Truffle Waffle Fries


So I’ve started to clean up my diet and truffle waffle fries WOULD be what I wanted to cook to live vicariously through the friend who ate this instead of me.

Oh, this shirt I’m wearing? Sure, it’s this one:


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35 thoughts on “How to Cook: Truffle Waffle Fries”

  1. this really "fried" my brain a bit. I'll probably need to go back to the "starch" of this video to see the intense "cut" scenes. 😉 oh sorry it was a real "eye popper" seeing you hear the crunch from the fries. I can't believe you didn't eat one. this may sound "cheesy" but this was "fully loaded" with love and great presentation very nice. 🙂 sorry sorry I'll "cut" to the chase. no more "mashtakes" (mistakes) I'll stop trying to "butter" you up. I hope that you "truffles" (trust) that I'll "oil" always watch your videos. hahaha I hope this made anyone laugh..I wanted to write a pun for this. ???

  2. i love you and your videos, but maaaaaan how ironically tragic that the best-looking thing you've made was the one you couldn't eat? my heart is breaking for you :'(

  3. soon as the camera was off she ate the batch of fries and made more for her "friends" (was actually round 2 for her.)

    lol shoot I'd had ate them as well. which is why I don't do odd food diets.

    eat what ya want then work out to burn it off.

  4. Your positivity, outlook, sense of humor and gorgeousness are occassionally too much to handle in one package.

    Ill bare thru it tho lol

  5. Hey you. Yeah you. Megan Batoon.

    You know what you should do? No? Well I know what you should do! Make a workout video to show the way you do the things to get the body you have… yeah.. thanks

  6. I think Megan is just on a diet to motivate Amanda & the other chick… She doesn't even need to loose weight, she already looks SEXY HOT & FINE AF! …But she's trying to be such a good friend and motivate the stragglers, when the stragglers just wish they were Megan… Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is MEGAN JUST EAT THE DAMN WAFFLE FRY ALREADY!!! U are blessed with enough beauty to do it and I know you did it off camera anyway… But she has to be that 1 hot friend in the group.

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