Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages

This week Venezuelans are lining up to validate their signatures on a recall referendum for President Maduro. Among the reasons for Maduro’s unpopularity is that more and more people are starting to wonder where their next meal is coming from. These days, those who have enough Venezuelan currency (now trading at 1,000 bolivars to the dollar on the black market) to buy food often have a hard time finding any.

We meet three Caracas residents who show us what they’ve got to eat.

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34 thoughts on “Grocery shopping during Venezuela’s food shortages”



  2. My god!! They are really suffering!! Fish heads aren't all bad, but what about the fillets!! Their socialism clearly isn't working…They are even worse off than Cuba…They definitely don't starve there.. And they have had rations for years.

  3. Food Shortages tend to happen when severe droughts cause the water levels to fall so low that there isn't even enough water in rivers to power dams.

  4. venezuela could stop this right now, sell their oil n gas only in venezuelan bolivares, the demand of the currency would go up easing inflation n making the goods from outside less expensive, but the dum dum maduro dosent get it, continues to sell oil in dollars

  5. Idk. Is smuggling seeds in to venezuela illegal? Growing live stock? I think farmers should get together along the rivers and do something. People are so dependent on getting food thats already picked, them cant fend for themselves.

  6. Tomorrow I have to get in line to buy 'whatever the fuck the goverment wants to sell me' at 4 am, and I pray to Odin to not get killed just because some thug wants my food, I swear whenever this shit explodes, i'm going full isis on these motherfuckers, this happens when you let the poor people rule a country.

  7. I'm sorry my English …. speak Spanish ….I don't know if is me the unic guy here to notice the details … but this guys they have better cars than us Europeans , better clothes , etc…this is not poverty is IMPORTATION policies, and of course in a country we're you don't need to make a hole on the land you need to trow a seed and all year you can have crops is ALSO A PROBLEM that people DONT WANT TO WORK…they want vanity and party , drink, dance etc…they put the responsibility on government and always complaining but THEY DONT DO NOTHING TO CHANGE THERE OWN SITUATION

  8. I don't get what Maduro gets out of staying. What does he think is gonna happen? Things are gonna magically get better while he continues doing the exact same thing? He's preventing his country from getting better. If he doesn't get his ass out of there soon, he's gonna end up with his head on a stick when the violent takeover happens. People can only take so much and hungry people aren't "reasonable." What is he thinking, there is literally NO good ending for him if he stays?!

  9. Ask any one of these of these if they give a crap about money gold or silver right now..just shows in these situations food is always king.

  10. If these ppl had been Muslims..Obama would have given them stake dinners every meal..but he doesn't care much for Christians and Catholics. I think Trump will help these ppl with aide money, but that's a while away, Jan 20th.

  11. Btw, Bernie or Bust ppl, this would have been our future. You cannot use the socialist agenda and come out on the good side. As bad as some hate the 1%, they are a necessity.

  12. Kill animals or pets to survive. You can also spit roast plump family members.Dolcett isn't just a story, it's a guide to saving your family from starvation. Start creating that Jessica 3000 mechanical spit machine. Sell organs on the black market or to science to boost the Venezuelan economy. Human meat markets will flourish until the grocery stores start stocking up with food.

  13. Pol pot was much more worse than your dictator that you have now. He forced his entire country in labor camps to work on fields and made them dig a huge trench to bury them all alive. 20 million people died under POL POT in cambodia. In my country Vietnam our dictator HO CHI MINH a communist, would pierce barb wires through poor people hands, he would line them up one by one and pierce all of their hands with one wire, push them all into a ditch, including children, bury them alive and mow over the dirt with a tank. You're very lucky you do not witness this yet, OURS was Invasion of communist. OUR communist country turn to socialism, because communism FAILED, but in our society, NO distribution to poor under socialism. YOURS was an election of a socialist and communist. You had a chance to fight for your country, but you let FREE things get the best of you. If it's too good to be true, than it's a scam. YOUTUBE POL POT KILLING FIELD, this is product of communism. Mass genocide.

  14. There are only two ways out of this economic crisis: one is to lift all regulations and allow the capitalist market to work “normally”, which would mean that the workers will be made to pay the full price for the crisis. That is the direction the government of Maduro has been progressively taking. The other is to expropriate the capitalists and run the economy on the basis of a democratic plan of production which can satisfy the needs of the population, while at the same time making an internationalist appeal to the workers and peasants of the region to come to the aid of the revolution and defeat the attempts of their own ruling classes to smash it. That would mean to make the capitalists pay for the crisis.

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