How to Make a Night Vision Camera out of a Cellphone

To get the led lights click here

This is a tutorial on how to make a night vision camera out of a cellphone and IR lights. This can be used to see in the dark and not be detected. The human eye cant see IR light because of it’s wavelength, but cameras can. Check out my other videos for more tutorials


44 thoughts on “How to Make a Night Vision Camera out of a Cellphone”

  1. All cell phones and any sort of digital camera for that matter can pick up infra red.  It's just a matter of the quality IR filter they have on them.  The iPhone is poor at picking up infrared because it has a high quality infrared filter.  Alot of cellphone cameras can be taken apart and the filter removed.  It's usually just a thin film between the lens and the image sensor.  If you remove it, it will make a better night vision camera.

  2. Ghetto-fabulous, show me how to make a rocket launcher out of a box of condoms and some chewing gum and ill subscribe. 

  3. I really don't think this will work, LED's can prob take about 1 AA battery, but you put a 9v battery which will prob burn out the LED much faster, about 70-80% faster

  4. I would simply replace the white leds in a flashlight with these IR ones.  No McGuyvering my phone with duct tape  and cardboard, making a giant mess.

  5. A quick test is to point your tv remote in the dark at your cell phone camera and watch it light up as you press the remote buttons.

  6. This is awesome… let me get some snack and stuff.. and waste my time.. watching this video… over and over and over and over again…

    btw… I like the design of your phone… great combination of phone + duct tape + wires with button…

    you should report it to police station as a new invention…

    good luck

  7. should we place the IR leds very near to the camera??? what if we place it away? i mean 5-10 feet away.from camera

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