Asus RX Vega 64 PERFORMANCE + Coffee Lake REVEALED


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28 thoughts on “Asus RX Vega 64 PERFORMANCE + Coffee Lake REVEALED”

  1. Joker, you need to take it easy on the Vega bashing. The thing is OOS everywhere and the pricing has nothing to do with AMD. Calm down man.

    Having said that, I love your channel and respect what you do. Keep it up!

  2. I am never going back to Intel for cpu ever again! Lol My 1600 will last me for yrs to come plus the cores and threads it comes with is perfect for gta5 etc. 🙂

  3. what do you mean they ruined it? o_O they maybe ruined it for you .. but not really .. they released a chip that doesn't belong in consumer market and didn't have time for drivers – lack of resources does its job.. that's why Vega is not king atm.

  4. 8th gen issue is it not compatible with old mobos so i cant just upgrade a 6800k or a 7700k, instead of buying a new mobo and cpu id just get a better gpu and get much more of a performance increase

  5. Would it be worth upgrading a 5820k to the i7 coffee lake, for 1440p gaming and some video editing? I can only get my 5820k to 4.45ghz.

  6. Here comes and go the strix vega card, I suspect it will be sold for 800 euros here lol.
    AMD just took to long and now they will always be behind Nvidia, green probably already has 2000 series ready they just waiting for their competitor to wake up, just like everyone else xD

  7. I love competition it bring out the best and worst in people and it's fun to watch.
    I'm cheering intel/nvidia atm because that is what I have.
    And I really despise AMD fanchildren, not amd themselves (altho the pricing snafu and one hand not knowing what the other is doing is amusing as hell)
    So call me a devil's advocate I have a 7700k and a 1070 atm.
    I was hoping amd could hit a price I liked for the 64 and maybe update out of the 1070 but..Alas they failed pretty badly with that.
    I've had numbskull amd fanbabies laugh at my 7700k and 1070 and tell me I should have bought a ti when it was inside the top 3% fastest computers in the 3dmark charts.
    This speaks of a cluelessness that is hard to fathom. Being so stupid with hype thinking this computer is inferior to a 1700/1080ti when in fact just the ti makes this faster then all of the ryzen/tr4 comps out.
    Please.. Would the amd people stop and consider just how stupid they sound and act.
    Honestly your r3 1200 is not faster then my 5.1ghz 7700k, stop trying to tell me to get rid of the fastest cpu on the market because you do not get it.
    Just to let the amd fan children know I started at 3% and it leveled out at 7% in march roughly when the others got the 7700k's, I'm still inside the top 7% on a benchmark from feb your amd cpu's have not affected the 3dmark scores..
    Seriously go render b-roll for a video I'm still going to ruin your day with a 6moth old benchmark that is still faster then you tr4 and a 1070.
    When you can step up and dethrone the intel/nvidia freight train then you have a place to talk.
    Till then SHUP BYAOTCH!

  8. Samsung having a monopoly over HBM2 I think is really hampering VEGA's availability chances.
    Hope SK Hynix can start their own HBM2 production fast.

  9. Think vega 56 and 64 will perform better than the competition in modern games from this point on. At the $399 price the vega 56 ain't too bad. I would still consider a aftermarket vega 56

  10. I'm waiting for the 2nd Generation of Zen
    Better IPC
    Higher Clockspeed
    Fixed Memory Problems

  11. The Asus strix has higher idle temps because it runs passive like all their strix cards. Check the Asus page it has 0db idle while the reference card has is fan running at about 20%

  12. I had hopes for vega. I was saving for a vega 64 and a 1440p free sync monitor but now I'm just going to save for the next year and see if NVidia will release a upgraded Pascal card. although I had a feeling it would not even compete with the 1080ti despite the speculation. But I did hope that Vega 64 would be a great contender against the 1080(non ti)… at this point Vega 56 is the better buy for gaming, though the power consumption is still very concerning.

  13. I think it's hilarious when people say oh get amd gpu and freesync because it saves you money when you can just buy EVGA Nvidia graphics cards and gsync because with EVGA Nvidia cards which have the best warranty of all gpus anyways with EVGA you can use EVGA step up program which when you register your EVGA graphics card you get a 10 year warranty and can upgrade your gpu to the newest one when that comes out bye sending out your gpu to EVGA and getting the full price you paid for it when you bought it all you have to do is pay the difference for the new card all you have to do is pay shipping to send out the old one and pay shipping to receive the upgrade great deal.

  14. As a budget and the experience i've got because of low end stuff i think i will never buy a high end card even if i had the money for it. I prefer mid range because it suits me for the performance and price ( value at times.)
    If i got a problem i just know how to fix it this is why i don't need high end and i can fix performance problems (not optimisation issues) so i can have a mid range card for as long as a high end card in a high end gamer hands. And if it got too old i accept low graphics unless i buy a new gpu.

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