David Lama | Amazing 9a Climb in Lebanon on Trans World Sport


Situated 75 miles outside the Lebanese capital, Beirut, is the Baatara Gorge. It was the stunning location for David Lama’s latest adventure. The 25-year-old Austrian is one of the world’s leading climbers. David is a former Sport Climbing world champion and was here in Lebanon to make the first ever ascent of this 300 foot sinkhole, aided by local climber, Jad Khoury.

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25 thoughts on “David Lama | Amazing 9a Climb in Lebanon on Trans World Sport”

  1. David lama just came into our local gym in Alaska and no joke, this man flashed a 13c with rental shoes and socks like it was nothing 😂

  2. Climbing is more like an art because, for something to be art it need to have no purpose other than itself.

  3. Perilous climbing, any thing could happen and it did. But this is very well dodged in « extremis ». The country is amazingly beautiful like no where in the world.

  4. Fantastic! What an unbelievble trip..an other world …David,my admiration for you is immense .You are so calm and concentrate .Thank you for those so beautifull and surprising images..

  5. that's so impressive climbing at such beautiful location, david lama is one of the best climbers of all time

  6. So now this beautiful wonder of the nature is destroyed by climbing hooks … Well, I like Lama and his skills are awesome. But some places should stay untouched, I mean untouched by permanent human installations. Of course people can climb there. But was it not possible to attache the safety rope somewhere else above the hole? More respecct to the nature please.

  7. An amazing climb. What a beautiful place. I do have a question how or who placed the anchors? Do they drop in from above first or What? Thanks for any insight into the process.

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