DIY Game Day Queso Dip, Corinne VS Cooking #3

The internet is just one long fart joke.
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The recipe that Corinne loosely followed:

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41 thoughts on “DIY Game Day Queso Dip, Corinne VS Cooking #3”

  1. i did that to a cola once(with a fork since knives are not allowed in school) and it literally exploded on my friend. We were amazed, not only was he not angry about it but i didnt even got one drop of the cola on me even though i did the stabbing lol.

  2. Why is this the only video of yours that I haven’t seen and I’ve been subscribed for 4 years 😂 I swore I have had watched them all.

  3. Corinne : more like Betty crock-of-shit amiright?

    Me yelling like I haven’t used her icing before: FUCK YEAH DOWN WITH THE BATTERWITCH

  4. The only thing I care about with football is did my home team win and did the arche enemy team lose. And most important of all which cat team are playing

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