31 thoughts on “Step By Step Yum Repository Configuration in RHEL6”

  1. Don't need to create repository or don't need to run repository command. We can simply copy the entire rhel dvd in one folder and in .repo file just give the path of your folder in front of baseurl option.

    You yum server will work and it reduces the time to creating yum server.

  2. Hi,
    I am using Oracle after long time and i have install virtual box(virtual machin s/f) thn I have insaled Linux on that….and On linux.. i have to install Oracle. Now..I have to install yum server and i have my .ISO image file of "rhel-server-5.8-i386-dvd" in windows D drive. Pls advice how to ransfer/copy .ISO image from windows to Linux

  3. Hi, i'm new to linux and stuff, im trying to install ambari on my centos so it requires yum and rpm, but there is no such directory called 'packages' in my media folder. please can you help me here?

  4. afer finishing iam typing a comand yum list iam getting error like this system not registerd with red hat subscription management

  5. You need to mention how mount CD ROM as wellPlease make the video for that.. then only this would be complete yum repository.

  6. Im started a new VM and when i type
    ls -l /var/local/ | grep deltarpm
    it does not show my delta files
    also /var/local only has a repo file that i made with
    sudo createrepo -v /va5r/local

    My main iissue is deltarpm-3.6.e17.86_64.rpm
    python-deltarpm-3.6 etc are list listing in my /var/local
    do i do a
    sudo apt-get install _____
    ??? what do i need to see these files

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