Learning to Weld with 6013 and 7014 Electrodes

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45 thoughts on “Learning to Weld with 6013 and 7014 Electrodes”

  1. I just started welding in school and i watch your videos and there very helpful.Thank you.I will learn alot from you.💙😁

  2. Just took up hobby welding, and I love your pinky/thumb technique! It'll be the first thing I'll try when I get to weld next time!

  3. Thanks for the video I'm currently in a welding school which is 20weeks to get my welding & fabrication tickets and you helped alot for my test plates but can you give some tips on (TIG) welding or (MIG) & how do I stop splatter when over head welding with arc

  4. I think I've still got some 6013 rods kicking around in the shop. I should burn a few in the Everlast for kicks and giggles. I really haven't used them since learning how to weld many years back.

  5. Just saw your video for the first time I saw you on YouTube and I subscribed like the way you were explaining everything can you please tell me for first time buyer I would like to buy a stick welder 110 volts which one would you recommend would like to buy one I used to do a little welding when I was younger not much but now I want to fix my fence gate here and there it's all made out of square tubing thank you very much please let me know

  6. На пластине в нижнем положении любой дурак заварит 6013, ты стыковые соединения покажи: тавр, вертикал, горизонт, потолок на этом ёбаном рутиле. У нас в России есть электроды УОНИ 13-55, это аналог ваших 7014 или15, не помню, есть ещё LB52… Только на таких электродах надо учиться, что-бы ванну видеть!!

  7. Stinger in right hand. Supporting with left hand, left elbow against body works pretty good sometimes too. Lotsa "sometimes" in welding.

  8. The result of the last weld you can’t argue with; i just am noticing that Mr. Jody Collier favors welding with the amps in the 3 digits, whereas Mr. Bob Moffatt usually hangs around the lower amps in the 2 digit range. Both extremely talented welders of course.

  9. Great video and saved for future reference. I'm still producing bird droppings but they are getting closer together and at least the birds are flying in a straight line.

    Weird question…

    DCEP/N is supposed to stand for what?

    I get Direct Current and Positive /Negative but I have seen videos where "E" is "Earth" and other videos where "E" is "Electrode"

    Damn English language..

  10. I've never been all that fond of 6013 rods. My everlast welder burns them just fine I just don't like using them if I have something else that I can use.

  11. Show me some vertical up using those electrodes. Funny how almost every channel on YouTube won't do any vertical up with these electrodes.

    How about some 3/32" 6013 & 7014 stringers on some practice plate would be sufficient 😁

  12. Great vid. You mentioned about rod angle as a possible fault but didn't say what rod angle to use for different techniques or rod types. Have you covered this in another video? Or one for the future? 😉

  13. Are 6013s good for initial practice? (Any special brands?)

    I'd rather go to a class, but those are either 'don't set yourself alight' or multi-year degree programs in my area. Nothing in-between in the area…

  14. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I do not think you really know how much it helps us okes out here, and how much we appreciate it. Thanx from overseas.

  15. Jody, I have been welding for 50 years and every time I go back and watch one of your videos I learn new stuff. You have done tremendous things for all of us in this glorious and rewarding pastime. Welding is pure passion for lots of us and you help us down that path. Much thanks.

  16. Best youtube video series on learning how to weld in my humble opinion. Enough information to understand, but no videos that rattle on for 15 min.

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