Gee SNSD Dance Tutorial Step by Step

Hello Everyone!
So, I have learned the beginning part of the dance Gee by Girls Generation. And no, I don’t plan to learn the rest of the song. I learned this because of Key from Shinee 🙂 This video is not mirrored or anything weird, you are standing behind and following along with my movements.

ALSO: please let me know if you like this new set up in the dance studio for tutorials!
I really need your input, thank you

Have fun with it,


31 thoughts on “Gee SNSD Dance Tutorial Step by Step”

  1. That's so good, it's really helpful and your so good.
    Can you make a tutorial of glass bead by gfriend?

  2. Ive seen tutorials of this for as long as i knew gee came out and they never seemed easy enough. This is so awesome. I feel like i can learn it and ur so good at explaning it and doing it over many times to make sure we understand how to do it. I love this and thank you. I think i will start trying to learn this today. Hopefully i can learn this and make this my fun way to excercise a bit and be active In my time at home.

  3. Wow that really clear! I have watched the dance version for gee for a thousand time , but I just watch this video for one time then I had know how to dance !

  4. Hey, thanks for this video! I was looking for easy girl group dances and see this. It's been an hour, I think, and now I can dance it not so perfect, but good, you're such a great teacher 😀 actually this is my first girl group dance, before this I learnt bts boy in luv, and I think the hard points between girl and boy group dances are really different. Anyway, thanks for teaching us! 😀

  5. You’re such a great teacher out of the dance tutorials on YouTube!!!! I’m a beginner and these instructions really helps a lot. Before I just looks like a duck who lost her mother but now I’m actually decent like a duck who found her mother 😂

  6. Actually speaking even I liked girl dances because of shinee!!!!!And the tutorial is wonderful thank you sooo much …I really appreciate it

  7. I haven't even watched the video yet but oh my god, I was OBSESSED with trying to learn this dance 6 years ago when I first heard the song, you can bet I'm going to learn it now, thank you! 💖

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