How To: Perfect Plank

9 Plank Variations You Have to Try:

In this episode you will learn how to perform the perfect plank on your hands and on your elbows. Planks are an isometric exercise, which means you are working your muscles without moving– it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

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Planks are an amazing exercise to work your abs, legs, butt, back, shoulders, chest, arms, basically your entire body. So do them! Are planks too difficult for you? No worries, I also have instructions on how to modify them as well!
When in doubt, plank it out!

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42 thoughts on “How To: Perfect Plank”

  1. Can you settle an argument I had with my brother? Is it almost as good to do the plank on your elbows if you have a tremor for example? It's still considered a plank?

  2. You seem to reply to literally every comment, even the bad ones.
    I already knew how to plank, but I enjoyed your video nevertheless, thank you =)

  3. I'm really skinny and 16 years old, should I be doing this?
    As in it won't lead to stuff like back problems right

  4. I never understood how to do planks like if you go down like a push up or something else I wasn't understanding, thank you

  5. Thanks- I can do them the amended way ) – I have pins and plates in my lower spine, so a lot of exercise is out, but this one I can do

  6. Runtastic, una empresa de Adidas muestra un video en donde su protagonista usa zapatillas Asics. Me encanta Asics, así que felicito a la chica por su elección, pero no creo que Adidas esté muy contento con el video…

  7. How can I understand I'm doing the exercise accurately? I mean, what should I need to feel on my shoulders, neck, back…?

  8. After finishing the 30 day plank challenge and reaching a 2 minute plank, what’s next?
    Continue with the same time every 4 days and rest on the fifth day?

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