From Bodybuilder to cancer and back! – The Djuro Vukotic Story


This is the inspirational story of Bodybuilder Djuro Vukotic – Cancer Survivor, bodybuilding athlete and role model for many. As a child he came to Denmark from Bosnia as a refugee. He doubled his bodyweight in his teens, from skinny to Bodybuilder, practicing Powerlifting, Yoga and CrossFit. He graduated successful from school, everything seemed to work perfect for him till cancer was diagnosed.

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39 thoughts on “From Bodybuilder to cancer and back! – The Djuro Vukotic Story”

  1. amazing story,may God bless You and give You strenght a lot of strenght. You have inspired me to never give up. thank YOU

  2. congratulations man, you are a true champion and inspires me to believe in my goals and continue persisting

  3. Thats a very special kind of person . The weights are a good thing to get the aggression out and make you strong.

  4. 15 days after chemo dead lift 180 kg ?? i am healthy moderately strong weight lifter (no roids) and i can hardly do few reps with a 100 kg ..and this guy is telling me he lifts 180kg 15 day after chemo! is this a joke ?? 18:14 min. …….oh sure he was angry so was able to lift 180 kg , what a bs , earlier in the video he speaks lifting in kg ,so i assume he speaks in kg all the way

  5. I'm going through cancer and I've had those symptoms from chemotherapy and I'm going through what you went through

  6. I understand every little thing that you went trough with chemo and surgery. We are winners!
    Never back down!

    Pedro Silva
    28 years old
    Ewings sarcoma left fibula
    14 rounds of chemo (VIDE anda VAI protocol)
    surgery (bone removal)
    25 rounds of radiation
    2 months NED

  7. The hugest fking respect to you my Brother! You brought a man to cry damn.. May Allah be always on ure side man, I am a bit older than u but u fought a fight in your young age, tougher than the most ppl do in their entire life, includong myself..

    Thomas, Romano und das gesamte S.W. Team, ihr seid klasse Menschen, das habt ihr mit eurer Reaktion gezeigt.

  8. Man i hope the cancer that was taken out of you was put in the jar so you go back to that doctor that sent you that letter put it on his desk right front of him and his patients and tell him " you said I didn't have cancer guess what you were wrong" open the jar dump the container on him then take the letter he sent you read out loud what he wrote crumple it up and shove it in his mouth.

  9. God bless this warrior. Max respect. I hope that first doctor is dead or seriously ill. What a heartless bastard. ✌️

  10. I can understand because I also go through the chemo and it really hurts but respect for u man u motivate me to fight my cancer

  11. I may have esophageal cancer but the doctors here are denying it and delaying giving me escopy tests and it's been 3 months since I asked but they haven't yet.

  12. I wish all the health and that you get healthy again I wanna say something cause I know how it is when you go truth hard operation I have a 3 times heart defekt and hat 3 open heart operations in my life I'm now 23 years old I don't say this cause I want good wishes from somebody I only want djuro to feel me I have got now a question the doctors say I can never workout again and in 5 years maybe I have another operation I wanna ask djuro something would it be good for my health to workout cause when I was 18 I don't was wery strong but I worked out and I went from skinny to jacked

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