Martial Law Before Nibiru


According to our source, a former secret service agent with deep ties to the White House, the government plants to enact Martial Law before Nibiru becomes undeniably visible in our skies. I hope to have more updates on this soon.

Please watch: “United Nations Troops Embedded in New York Police Department”



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  1. Michael, thank you for this info, Regan slapped the lid down on this back in '83 when Nibiru aka planet x was discovered , every Perz after continued same ie ,elites ! I say people must find their safe locals a head of time, which is NOW if you live on or near coast lines! i'm trying to do same! Luv ya!

  2. There is called Earth Gallazy come down to capture that don't belong to earth. They got rid of few but there is more and it take long time to find it.

  3. Way too many Americans pack heat & more than even the government knows. Obama would never get away with taking over in a crisis. People know all about his evil now. Too many expert Sharpshooters highly trained Marksmen.

  4. to all the comments below this has nothing to do with politics period rather the government are only mere puppets the same way the brainwashing media i.e. Illuminati are a lower class of puppets.

  5. hi Mikel..You send me an email address which isn't in Service at all..sadly I tried everything to get in contact over certain different ways but nothing of it worked out…don't know how you could possibly do such thing while I try to just help out to find the truth. ..I guess this wrong email provider is might a tactical move to protect yourself or just to see who I am..I have not the time to play cat and mouth games while time is a precious and rare gift to us which we should use wisely. ..I know that you are most reporting political stuff and this is okay.. but after you mentioned to do a LifecStream with some people from your Viewer ChatCjath"bbc.cob Room and therefore I got to contact you..if you are still interested in my findingcs plz get back with me..thanks again..I still wait to hear from you asap..bye Barbara

  6. Sounds like Obama still has the possibility of becomming the anti Christ should he usurp Trump in office. Obama is still in Washington waitng like a hyena!

  7. the powers that were are no more ….do you really think we will go quietly in the night ,,obama elite will be hung ,,for sure ,,trust us ..obama as will ,,,this is not naizi germany

  8. why is there so much fear! if wee are going up not down to the pit.people! give your life to Jesus!! say dear Jesus thank you for firing for me and my sins I accept you as my Lord and saviour. Hi Mike love.โ˜บ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  9. souds about rt. Elite knowing all the top secret info which would stop the hearts of the average ignorant human have already enslaved us and if they could take advantage of a catastrophic event to screw us worse, they wouldn't even blink sad to say.God bless

  10. You sound just like one of the guys on 'Pool Kings'…..I watch that show all the time and I have thought that for a long time.

  11. How are we supposed to believe that Obama would be reinstated as president?!? What, besides fraud, deceit, murder of SEAL Team Six, and illegal acts as president (not to mention his badly forged identity documents) has he ever done that makes him so special??? Doubling the national debt? Causing race riots? Catering to mohameedans? What?!? The guy is a total friggin fraud and a total loser. He can take his faggy ass back to Kenya.

  12. This gentlemans informant isn't correct. Please believe half what you hear. Unfortunately many of us will fall victim to deceiving. Trump will not be overthrown and Obama will never become president or acting again

  13. ok my question is if they plan to kill us or what ever if we don't surrender our fire arms how is that gonna work? they gonna cut communications down so when internet and cell phones quit working load your guns, cause I know if some one is gonna try to take weapons from some one in town I live close too!!! is gonna send me email or call me to tell me whole town is getting raided. I know I get call I'm gonna be ready and how many people in military? there gonna be able to take on the whole population? I don't get people's way of thinking.

  14. They are so evil..They do not believe in OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY….They think that they can all go down to their brilliant cities under ground and have parties and think that nothing will happen to them. Oh how they are mistaken….No one can hide from the lord GOD….They are so bad they care for themsleves……I just want to be gone away from this world and be with OUR LORD GOD FOREVER………………………x

  15. Dude, your videos are great and to-the-point; no wasted words. Very informative too. You are one of the best on Youtube for Planet X and you are an excellent speaker [no matter what you may think]. Thank you for everything! Keep up the great work. And God bless you.

  16. no doubt all that was once the plan but now that Trump is in office and like you said toward the end of your video the military is behind him so all of that bull stuff is not going to happen. I don't understand why you're wearing that mask dude it makes you seem very strange in my opinion. If you want to know what's really going on research the Anunnaki and the return of the Anunnaki because they're upon us now and will be here soon. dude you would be easily found due to the metadata that's on all videos and pictures so if you're trying to hide from somebody it just none of this makes any sense to me the whole mask thing. You don't even have to show your face on videos you could just be showing pictures like most people do so it's just kind of ridiculous to me.
    God Bless America.
    Victory of the Light.
    Beware Nibiru.

  17. Nibiru could be part of End times prophesy? The earth will always be here though for sure, maybe not the wicked ones living upon it as the Bible state that clearly.

  18. Build the world to they're liking?๐Ÿ˜‚ um I don't think it's they're call! They will be put in they're places whether they think that or not๐Ÿ˜‚it's just a matter of time. And when they are put in they're places, there will be no place to run or hide.

  19. it's all laid out for you, in the greatest book ever written. Niboohoo is crap!! a giant urban myth!! the Bible is very clear. the Lord will come like a thief in the night. it is not for us to know when or how!! just believe, and know that God is in control. the rest is speculation at best!!


  21. Michael I'll tell you one thing I was a skeptic in the beginning and I got myself and infrared camera I started scanning the sky and I found a star that was as big as the Moon with other planets around it i could not see it with my naked eye only could see it in the infrared Spectrum this thing lit up half the sky and you could not see it with your naked. Even the cars that was passing down the road was still using their headlights because without the camera all you seen was Darkness so needless to say I'm a True Believer now and I would also like to say thank you for trying to get the truth out there because I know it must be hard with all the non-believers but I also Michael see why they don't tell us the truth because people can't handle it you might I might but there's a lot of people that could not and if they let the truth out in 1983 when they first discovered this thing people would have panicked and our world would have went to chaos then so I see both sides of the argument it is one of them situations you damned if you do and you're damned if you don't

  22. The government is ruled by vampires or satan devil possessed idiots. Wayyy before pole shift occurs 1/3 of the population will be wiped out by seal 4 and seal 2 will eliminate people also via nuke war. That said, there will be chaos before pole shift and destabilization of all world governments and infrastructure. Mad chaos everywhere. Worst than any movie. Ain't God good! Vengeance articulated. So pray you can escape the things to come like Jesus said and take yo butts to church.

  23. So who are the sad fema people who have been designated to stay on top of the land to detain us? Don't they realize they won't make it either?

  24. Hey Mike, why don't you ever tell us about yourself and or your family life? You seem like a very nice, smart ,and likable person. Also, I think it will make people even more interested in you and your news stories. Just a thought! PW

  25. Thanks..maybe a big hoax deception that has been implemented to meet their plan of world domination. We have the technology to blow it up!

  26. Chris, I agree, I think my folks would not even know how to handle knowing about all this stuff. Even though I tell them about it some, I'm hesitant to show them the proof because they r getting old and there would nothing they could do to survive anyway. So what r your plans?

  27. Bro, I am very concerned that you and many others will not survive the atmospheric rise of iron oxide. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into how AFFORDABLE and EFFICIENT Iron chelators are. They bind to iron and excrete it in your bile, urine, or sweat. Like you go in depth with your Nibiru research, I go in depth with my biology and chemistry research. And could you advise people to stock up supplements/medicine? It is only reasonable bro.

  28. TRUE TRUE TRUE. The culmination of martial law/FEMA camps/detention centers is going to be brought about by 1, the papacy 2, bible prophesy 3, Nibiru's effects 4, satan's rage towards humanity. ALL OF THIS IS REAL. NONE OF IT IS FICTION. Almighty God has already told us by means of the bible many events that will happen. SOON THERE WILL BE NO DOUBT THAT THE "living God of Israel" is ruler over ALL. Peace be with you. Amen

  29. What but government is a fiction of the mind. How does this fiction of the mind believe that they can do anything they want when ever they want to who ever they want? The American government has lost there minds. They really are psycho!

  30. the flattards say space is all water and is fake and so is Nibiru,FLATTARDED.Obamas gonna protect his lover Mikeshell for the sucking future.

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