USDA Dietary Guidelines For Vegans : Meal Plan that meets all nutrient levels.


The USDA publishes a set of Dietary Guidelines every 5 years and these are hot off the presses. This year Appendix 5 lays out the dietary recommendations for vegans! We put together a 1 day meal plan that meets all the nutrient requirements set out for vegans in the guidelines. You can download it for free on our website.

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39 thoughts on “USDA Dietary Guidelines For Vegans : Meal Plan that meets all nutrient levels.”

  1. How to meet 100% of your nutrients on a Vegan Diet…

    3 slices of whole wheat bread w/ peanut butter
    4 prunes
    17 small leaves of lettuce
    2 tbs of carrots (about two full pinches)
    4 tomato grapes
    1 banana
    1 Vitamin D3 Tablet (or you can just sit in the sun for 30 minutes)
    1 cup of soy milk

    A trail mix (consisting of 20 Almonds, 10 Walnut halves, 20 Pumpkin or squash seeds, 3 Brazil nuts, 20 cashews, and 100 peanut halves [and you can add raisins for tasty mix]). This makes out to be a small bag of nuts. Note that peanut halves are very small, so 100 is equivalent to two handfuls.

    1 banana
    5 Broccoli flowers
    Half of an Avocado
    1 cup of Black Beans
    2 cups of soy milk

    As a result?
    You consume 2600 calories (which is the perfect amount for someone who is 5'10 and doesn't want to be overweight)
    You get 100% of every nutrient there is.
    Your sodium levels are not excessively high.
    You only consume around 0.03% trans-fats (wherein, the maximum doctors say you can consume is 1-2%).
    You get 90 grams of protein.

    Do not believe me? Check out Cron-O-Meter. Plug in this diet. See what happens.

    Note: The 3 cups of Soy milk can be made into 1 big protein shake with Vega protein (vegan protein source). Just watch the sodium levels. I add 2 scoops of protein and those 90 grams jump up to 130 grams.

    I eat this every single day. I feel so good and so alert that I could fuck a rhino and escape with all 10 fingers and a dick. Seriously, eat this diet every day and you will feel alive. Best part is that the diet is so surprisingly satisfying that I haven't had a craving for junk food ever since I started. I haven't consumed processed sugar ONCE since I start months ago! I've never eaten an unhealthy snack or desert! I don't crave that shit on this diet! And I used to pig out! It's fucking incredible!

  2. Mr. Vegan do you ever offer advice to people who haven't asked for it? I feel so bad for BacktoChubby(YouTube)…she's really struggling. It's easy to do more harm than good with a well meaning comment especially when the person believes that they are eating healthy. You're so eloquent & knowledgeable about human nutrition…maybe you could give her a gentle nudge in the right direction.

  3. I'm on my college tennis team and I eat around 3,000 calories per day as a vegan. I wonder if I'm overeating though even though I'm really lean and toned. (I can weight lift more than some guys). It worries me though that I'm overeating and it's unhealthy. My diet is 50% fruits and veggies, 25% whole grains and 25% vegan protein though.

  4. Is there a place I can get my blood test done to test my vitamins and cholesterol or do I have to go see my primary doctor first and then schedule another appointment after that. It'd be cool if I can just go to one place and get it over with…but I don't know where.

  5. How do I start eating healthier? I get so overwhelmed with all of the information. I don't know where to begin.

  6. The USDA is so mistaken about soy. Forget the low fat soy. You need saturated fat from soy, it is healthy, as long as it is from non-gmo fermented soy, that's the distinction we should make. According to studies non-fermented soy blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
    Also the USDA is not correct about saturated fats. Why do all vegans think saturated fat is bad? Of course from animal sources it is unhealthy, but, we need fat as our #1 fuel to burn. We are fat burners. However let's be specific here and realize that it is important what TYPE of fat we eat. When you go vegan and replace dairy cheese with vegan cheese (such as Violife or FollowYourHeart), replace meat fat with avocados, beans, non-gmo fermented soy, replace butter with coconut fat, replace cow milk with coconut, almond or fermented soy milk, you are replacing the dangerous disease causing animal based saturated fats with healthy plant based saturated fats, that are actually vital for us! So don't be scared of plant based saturated fats, they are essential!

  7. I like your videos, they are fun to watch, with some great info, but what you're saying in this video about fat is not quite true, maybe for some extremely overweight people, but then to lose weight they need in general a lot smaller amounts of everything and they should do intermittent fasting and get great sleep. I've had ideal weight all my life and around 10-20% of my food comes from healthy fats depending on my body's needs. That doesn't mean that I overdo it. Your body will tell you when it's enough…so listen to your body more instead of the USDA. More fat does not necessarily make people fat. We all know what happened when the US went fat free, many people gained weight. Any incoming plant based saturated fat gets burned quickly, even in your sleep and even faster during exercise. Nobody ever gained weight from avocados, coconuts and its oil or flax seeds. The fat storage comes from incoming sugar, as our bodies can only burn 15%, the rest gets converted to visceral fat. Our bodies are fat burners, fat is the most efficient fuel. The trick is to become a fat burner and not a sugar burner. Of course everything in moderation. You can overdose on vitamins and get sick or even die, so let's not vilify fats. I suggest to read here: and (click on Becoming a Fat Burner). These two doctors are not vegan, but the general info about fat they give us make sense.

  8. I am not a small child and I eat less than 2000 calories 😅 I'm just a small woman ok! I'm only 5'1" and I exercise about three times per week

  9. 'Anything lower than that is for small children'…. I''m 4'11 and the most I've been told I need is 1800. T_T . … ..

  10. Thanks for your videos, love your food! 😉 I have one question – do you think there's enough researches and history of vegan babies that one can be calm that there is no worries when following a healthy vegan food for a baby? Thanks again! Take care…

  11. This is was very helpful thank you I'm the only vegan in the family it's hard because they don't understand you guys are helping me a lot I love all your video's thanks

  12. It's embarrassing that humans require a guideline to tell them what to eat to be healthy. Let me simplify. If it grows naturally eat it's whole form. If it's been altered. Then don't. I know eating is a sickness, compulsion for our species. We over eat. Emo eat. Etc etc. But if you forget about making it enjoyable and look at it like. Fuel. Then maybe sticking to real foods will be easier.. the sad part is if everyone ate only Real food our entire system would collapse.massive job loss. Culinary,farm,healthcare … K Im depressed now. 😁. Take care of one else will do it for you..

  13. Hey Mr and Mrs vegan. I've been vegan for a year now. I'm from Jamaica, I've been struggling to eat enough calories for my 6ft 1in frame. I'm 163 pounds coming from 180. I'm in bed all day slow and not enough energy to get out or exercise, I don't want to go back to eating meat (health reasons). I just want to be healthy send hsve enough energy to work, run and do may yoga. Please help me as I have none. I'm desperately asking. Please.

  14. these two are really in your face, i watched this to make sure i wasn't missing out on anything vital in my vegan diet but it just felt like they were ganging up and lecturing me the whole time

  15. I came here today and Now I think you both are Adam and Eve. They were vegan and lived 900+ years 🙂 May you live to 🙂

  16. Your girl can’t be that vegan .. because she suck’s on my dick ! , jk , lmao , i fw what you promote 110% !

  17. OMG I am soooo excited to read this! I am trying to figure out a balanced diet and need to figure out what I should be eating…argg

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