How to Cossack Squat Mobility Exercise: Tutorial & Progressions





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48 thoughts on “How to Cossack Squat Mobility Exercise: Tutorial & Progressions”

  1. Definitely using this in my workouts! I've been neglecting legs for a couple weeks so this should definitely get me started 😀

  2. I do these regularly in my leg routine, and stay in the low position as I go from side to side (go up only high enough to switch to other side).  I go as low as possible, touching my hips to my ankle, and opposite calf touching the ground…great stretch and works all the little tie-ins doing it this way. 

  3. LMAO  "don't be that guy whose big and strong but can't touch his toes, work on mobility too!" You made a lot of great points!

  4. is it smart to do it as warm up before pistols? I can do pistols for reps, although my knee is not stable much so I need to work on easier variations also to refine form

  5. Without a weight to counterbalance, I find myself leaning forward quite a bit to compensate. It's either that or I fall flat on my bum. I'm wondering why this is undesirable though. Same with the knees forward queue for that matter.

  6. I am a woman and have no weight issue. I am overall fit except i have ugly fat in my inner thigh. Will this help getting rid of them?

  7. Great progressions, dumbell idea, thank you, going to try with clients who are "stuck" – hey by the way, what kinda minimalist shoes are those? They look like feyue's a little bit but very durable on the sole, curious, never seen before

  8. This is the exercise that is helping me the most. Figured it out a couple months ago, nothing else was working like this. My goal is to straighten up on this exercise. Great form.

  9. I can do 2 sets of 15 reps but my back pains and my hip joint near the inner thigh pains more than the muscle being used. I could do another 20 prisoner squats without the pain in the areas I mentioned before. Can anyone help me?

  10. @FitnessFAQs (or anyone with keen eyesight), what are the shoes in this video? They look minimal and sweet.

  11. I already am that guy. Do you recommend mobility everyday? Or will one day a week do the trick? Thanks for all the great videos.

  12. You have an amazing body, total inspiration. I hope you don't take any drugs and fake nutrition. Amazing!!

  13. What should you do if you're able to do the Cossack squat, however your planted foot's heel rises off the ground when in the down position?

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