Relax and watch the making of Lavender Image Candy

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A new technique for a new effect in our image candies. These Crystal Lavender are formed from nothing but hot sugar, and flavors. This is the first in a series of candies using this kind of design.


47 thoughts on “Relax and watch the making of Lavender Image Candy”

  1. I may get lavender seeds or somthin bcus I have a lot of sqcwcbhuwruirpions here in TX and they don't like lavender

  2. If I ever want to die from lavender I know where to go to. Lol

    I'm not deathly allergic to lavender. Just me whole face become runny eyes start to cry and my nose turns red. Attractive look really.

  3. Your family sounds really interesting! How do you get into these niche careers, and do you have anyone else in your family that has a really cool job?

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  5. question: do you keep it cold in the store or regular outside temp

    I thought you would have it the recoiler temp because it would make the candy Harden faster

  6. Mmmm, lavender oil in earl grey. What a fantastic idea. Earl Grey very much a 4pm drink when you're lagging a bit here in the UK but going to give that a try. Thanks!

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