How to Perform FRONT SQUATS – Killer Quads Exercise Tutorial


How to Perform FRONT SQUATS – KILLER QUADS Exercise Tutorial

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  1. If they ever make a spin off Netflix series about the sheriff from stranger things when he was younger this guys is the dude for the part.

  2. Used this video to compare my form but didn't realize keeping the bar in place was difficult for ppl. – I'd say learning how to power clean makes this so much easier. Dead lift to hang clean to power clean or, dead lift to rotational dead lift (rdl) to hang clean to full power clean.

  3. So I'm doing front squats and RDLs and dumbbell ham curls on the same leg day – what is the best order to be doing these?

  4. Ok i can do the clean position no problem but I’ve always done the crossing hands position
    sooo… i would like to know why the clean position is better?

  5. I can't bend my wrist like that… what do I do? Wrist injuries like some are a fact that can hurt and put strain in the people who had wrist injuries.

  6. The wrists!!!
    They will crack at heavier weights if you have them like that. Maby not at first but in time. I had them like that in the beginning, but more weight, more pain. I promise, try to have your wrist like that with 530lbs/240kg. Not fun, not fun at all.

    I love frontsquats, cross the arms in front of you instead. You spare your wrist and you will have better balance.

  7. If you struggle to get into the clean position and don’t like the cross position, try putting straps on the bar and wrap your hands around the straps and go into the clean position but with hands toward the top of your head if that makes sense. Athlean X has a video explaining it called front squat mobility problems fixed

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