Top 10 HOME Bodyweight ABS & Obliques Exercises | BUILD RIPPED 6-PACK ABS!



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Top 10 HOME Bodyweight ABS & Obliques Exercises | BUILD RIPPED 6-PACK ABS!


29 thoughts on “Top 10 HOME Bodyweight ABS & Obliques Exercises | BUILD RIPPED 6-PACK ABS!”

  1. can you make a future video talking about the scenarios in which muscle lost takes places due to low carbs, in ther words, glycogen depletion and compare to general scenarios in which actual muscle lost happens due to'low fat levels or intake?

  2. Hi Scott , I have a question for you which do you think is better for pecs and triceps ? weighted push-ups or the bench press? A lotttttttttttttt of people in my gym (and not only in my gym) say that you cant build the same strength and muscle by doing push ups instead of doing bench press because of "is not the same" . What do u think about it ? I hope you can read my comment . You are a great Youtuber btw , and greetings from Bolivia

  3. Can u make a video how to raise ur leptin levels high and Piz make a video to burn a lot of calories and do the after burn affect and how to burn fat when ur 13 yds old and how did u started off fat middle or skinny I look buff and skinny and I'm not so help me Piz thank u

  4. hey man great vid, i was wondering if you could give me some advice, im going to basic training june 20th and im trying to build strength and muscle endurance, not just strength and not just muscle endurance. ive looked everywhere online and i cant seem to find a workout routine, and you seem to know your stuff lol any tips would be helpful

  5. Ok, so I'm 14 and I want to start getting my arms stronger, but i don't want to be extremely buff or anything. I'm unsure of different arm workouts for different parts of my arm. Also, I prefer to be able to to do it at home, so I don't have to take extra time going to a gym or a park with pull up bars. Any ideas?

  6. thanks now i don't have to go outside anymore haha!

    Very usefull.
    I read you are a fitniss instructor i don't know if this is true.
    But im in a school for sports and probably wan't to become a fitniss instructor your video's help me at internships a lot.
    any advice for the job itself?

  7. Finally… someone who knows what they are talking about! Slightly off topic, but I have heard that women shouldn't do weighted crunches or twists, because it can make a woman lose hourglass shape and build, so called 'bulk' around the middle?

  8. Thank you for the video, man. Been needing to get some good ab work in, and GAWD DAMN, this rekt me. 😛 You're my favorite body-builder on youtube. Love the videos, man, and I agree with a lot of what you have to say. Thank you, sir. 🙂

  9. Thanks alot for your videos! I started working out half a year ago and your vidoes have helped me alot and inspired me to lift even harder! Love from Sweden

  10. hey Scott, I want to ask you about something about my body, because I'm not a a fat guy but I have fats on my stomach so should I do these exercises or I should do it with modifying my food program.
    and thank you

  11. Training for a cosplay comp for wolverine, these should help me get there that little bit more now haha 😀 your the best Scott!

  12. hey scott. when i try the exercise you said you engineered.. i always hear a popping sound in my lower spine. its doesnt hurt but.. its definetly a weird. should i just not do these?

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