Wet Plate Collodion – How to make a tintype step by step.

In this video I’m going through the process of making a tintype with the wet plate collodion process. Also check out the article:

I hope it’s easy to follow. Feel free to ask if there som something thta is unclear. I’ll do my best to answer. Feel free to subscribe for more videos. Thumbs up if you like and if you give me thumb down please let me know why. Visit my website www.dieter.me for more photo related stuff.

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27 thoughts on “Wet Plate Collodion – How to make a tintype step by step.”

  1. Hi,
    You make it look so easy, can you put some links to where to buy all the chemicals and silver bath and so on.
    Thank you.

  2. A fine art indeed – I love photography – especially black and white , and when I used my first 30-45 yr old film I awas amazed – I took a photo of a mountain top with snow and after the photo looking amazingly vintage the teacher told me that it was a old film , I was sad. That I used it rather than keeping it for something special like a wedding photo or graduation day photo. Oh well.

  3. Nice informative video! I work with Tin Types and I have a lot of fun with the process. Just an FYI…there are several videos on You Tube explaining how to mix the chemicals. All the chemicals can be purchased on E bay. The silver nitrate tank can be made for several different sizes. I made my tank for 8X10 although I'm using a 5X7 view camera.

  4. You make it look so simple. Is it really that straight forward? I've been wanting to try this for some time but it looked overwhelming.

  5. absolutely love your website. very detailed. I feel like a lot of information out there is very shrouded and vague. almost like people don't want you to learn. thank you for your help.

  6. I know this vid is a year old but how do you choose a camera and lens. I understand that getting the hang of the chemicals and technic is practice.

  7. I love this and would like to do photography using plate however is it safe to wash this away in a normal sink ie it will go into the water drains.

  8. thanks for the tutorial sir !
    but, can i use large format camera like chamonix 4×5 , deardroff 8×10 (or any other brands) ,
    or this has to be special large format camera for wet plate collodion ? (same question for the lens too)
    thank you.

  9. Question I'm just getting into this kind of photography I've been sensitising in a Tupperware tub in safelight but my collodion goes white while doing this is this normal as I can't really see in the video

  10. I went to the website and watched the video. But where did you buy those wooden things you used to sanitize the plate and fix the plate?

  11. Thank you so much . Great video , loved your choice of music . Live in Rochester , NY …… Where George Eastman was an American entrepreneur who founded the Eastman Kodak Company . Never knew about the basic process of photography and developing images . I was looking at pictures of Wyatt Earp, tinplate images. And needed to know , How Is That Done ?? Thanks again .

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