Rooted: Climbing Lebanon


VICE Sports travels to Lebanon with professional climber Sam Elias to face the dual challenges of exploring his family’s heritage during a time of cultural and political upheaval, and to climb the toughest routes on Mount Lebanon. Made possible by The North Face.

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22 thoughts on “Rooted: Climbing Lebanon”

  1. So nostalgic watching this film – remember driving through the mountains in Lebanon two years ago. Thanks for the glimpse in rewind – Lebanon is a beautiful country with amazing food and people. One of my favorites!

  2. i saw a nice wave on the back of the image at 8:07, kind of wondering what kind of surf may be there, it must be almost crowd free with warm water and a fat lebanese hash join when back to the sand.

  3. Absolutely beautiful short documentary. I think I just found my new favorite climber. Sam is so well spoken and passionate about family and climbing, that's incredible.

  4. very nice video and also very nice moment,gathering with family and friends,,climbing together in one of the most beautiful spot in the world

  5. I like the rock climbing but hate this idea of kids brought up in america, raised in american civilization, and going back to a third world country based on identity. its this identity stuff that ruined lebanon.
    Styay with your own people, the ones whose language/accent/cool talk represents.
    forget about lebanon. they are foreigners too you now. forget about race and be the american people. who gave your family everything which they didn't deserve.
    your betraying americans and america and mankind . Stay in your own boundaries. teach that to the middle east.

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