ART SNACKS JULY 2017 BOX | Unboxing and Review + Doodle!


Thank you art snacks for sending my me your July box I really enjoyed all of your products! I really hope you all enjoyed this review as well! ♡
God Bless!

If you are interested in getting your own art snacks box with art supplies sent right to your door check out

My style varies through my art I love anime, semi-realism and realism, and Disney!

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Love you guys! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

♡God Bless Loves!♡



40 thoughts on “ART SNACKS JULY 2017 BOX | Unboxing and Review + Doodle!”

  1. Thanks so much for watching loves I hope you all enjoyed this! Btw did you guys see the rainbow in this video? 🌈

  2. hey CLo I knw its been a min since I said wsup my artsy luv lol….grl u was 2 kute giving us da eraser/pencil sharpener demo u was serious bout it😂 nd omg yer hart doe u can totally make a fly purse charm outta dat design…ttyl on IG 😍 God bless

  3. Do You Know How To Draw Braces On a Girl If So Ca U Make A Vieo Showing Us How To Thanks! And I Love Your Videos So Much I Wanna Learn How To Draw!

  4. can u help me on my videos and making my drawings look a bit more real I will post a video on my drawings can u check it out its called my drawings 😊😃😄😂

  5. i m happy you love God. Your art is great, but you may love him but not know him. Do you read the bible? You re pretty but christian don t have to be sexy, just pretty because it attracts boys. i d like you to meet Jesus, because in catholic church, he s absent. You might probably get disappointed but i was catholic too. I left at seventeen years old. You d be a wonderful sister in Christ. But live the world s habits. You can still draw though. I m an artist. So sweet you are, I want you to get saved by Jesus and not to loose your soul because of a lack of knowledge of the Gospel.
    Bless be you in the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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