Honest Review: Buzz Bee Thermal Hunter (Pump Action Springer!)


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Very exciting stuff coming out of Buzz Bee, with a few ergonomic improvements, this could be top shelf

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35 thoughts on “Honest Review: Buzz Bee Thermal Hunter (Pump Action Springer!)”

  1. Drac do you ever realize that the toys are made for 5 to 12 year olds, with small hands and arms. They r not made for adults with big hands and long arms, which is why the toys isn't comfortable to you

  2. Cut the magwell Drac! It works great with Nerf magazines if you cut the slopes of the magwell which interfere with the magazine lining!

  3. Like, i do enjoy your videos and what not, and i watch them alot, but like, you are hardcore criticizing a childs blaster like its a real steel firearm. Like ergo and stuff. Idk just doesnt make sense to me

  4. Drac these blasters are made for kids so that's the problem the reason why the Handel's small I'd because it's for kids do think they make blasters for grown ups.

  5. Frikin pisses me off when people say "clip" Its called a fricken mag. If your gonna have a channel all about fake guns plz get it right before I go crazy.

  6. How much trouble have you had with buzz bee clips? I have 2 20 dart clips, the brute, and the reaper. The reaper jams and the bullets in the brute clip don't always raise.

  7. Honestly I believe Buzz Bee is listening because people wanted better efficiency? Ultra Tek. People wanted the guns to look better and be original? These new guns.

  8. Looks like a fun product, thanks buzz bee. Long live competition for nerf. I actually think there must be money involved to create the illusion of choice; hasbro paying buzzbee to use only button releases for mags and other sub par features to ensure nerf keeps the top shelf spot while buzz bee keeps healthy sales as a budget option. Lmao this appears to actually shoot better than nerf accustrike yet it's hindered by poor ergonomics.

  9. All I had to do is file it down a little bit then tilt the mag backwards towards the stock and you should heard the click just try to put the mag in then tilt it bacl

  10. I adore this blaster… the thermal scope works really well and kids like it for that, but it’s gimmicky… best is simply a cheap powerful and accurate pump action springer with a cool looking mag. My opinion of this is really really high… I use my middle finger to trigger and index finger to point down the gun which I’ve always found infinitely more comfortable and controlled. Maybe that’s why the tiny handle doesn’t bother me one little bit.

  11. I have 2 of these i painted one i had to knock out the ARs in both of them i believe the chamber fail you had is the AR

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