How to Shoot a GoPro Hero 5 Sunset Timelapse | Tutorial & Tips

gopro hero 5

In this tutorial I will show you all the steps that I do to create beautiful time lapses with my GoPro Hero 5 Black. GoPro’s do a great job capturing epic sunset timelapses, they are light weight and easy to pack and the final results can be stunning. These basic tips and tricks will help you to film amazing time lapses with your GoPro.

My GoPro Timelapse Gear.
GoPro Hero 5 Black:
GoPro Hero 4 Silver:
GorillaPod Tripod:
Anker Powerbank:
Hard Case:
Flow-Mow Pano Head:
VidPro Motorized Pano Head:

Here are the settings I used to capture this timelapse.

Camera: GoPro Hero 5 Black
Mode: Timelapse Photo Mode
Interval: 5 Seconds
Megapixels: 12 MP / Wide
Protune: On
White Balance: Native
Colour: GoPro Colour
ISO MIN: 100
ISO MAX: 100
Sharpness: Low

Stay tuned as I will be uploading more time lapse tutorial videos in the coming weeks. These videos will walk you threw the editing phase of creating GoPro timelapses and feature software such as GoPro Studio, Adobe Premier Elements, LRTimelapse and Lightroom.

Music Credit: Moring Walk and Y&V – Lune [NCS Release]


37 thoughts on “How to Shoot a GoPro Hero 5 Sunset Timelapse | Tutorial & Tips”

  1. Very nice and I was going to mention the volume discrepancy but I see other already did. What was the length of time it took you for that clip?

  2. Sorry to add to the negatives but the sun was way over exposed I guess you had too much on manual so the go pro couldn’t help out with the exposure

  3. That was amazing. I'm going to be in vacation In the next week and want a nice time lapse and I found this video to be very helpful. My only question is, why did you choose native white balance? Is that something you use for post processing?

  4. DUDE!! AUDIO!!!….First…I can barely hear you when you are talking….THEN, when you bring on the Dub Step, I nearly went deaf from the music being WAY TOO LOUD!. Please learn how to normalize your audio!

  5. For some reason my brand new 5 black doesn't allow to set min and max ISO to 100 ((( only min is disabled and max only two choices 400 and 800 :((( . Is it some sort of known bug ? Who can help please ? Thanks

  6. if i remember right…gopro hero makes photos in 4:3 rate /as your tutorial shows settings for photo timelapse in 2:22 time/ so i dont understand 16:9 result ? Youve cropped photos and after that stitched ?

  7. just got mines yesterday….300 dollars later it hurts letting go of the doe but i just LOVE TECHS AND GADGETS …TO ALL MY TECH AND GADGET LOVERS…WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!! GO PRO COULDN'T SLEEP HAD TO GET UP AND PLAY WITH IT!!

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