Ridiculous Ticket Guy Prank!

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37 thoughts on “Ridiculous Ticket Guy Prank!”

  1. In europe they say that Americans are so DUMB, I never believed that.., untill I see most of these videos… he can ppl make do things and make em believe things that kids from 6 over here would never do/believe… Jesus, it is true.. the great American is DUMB afterall !

  2. why dont go cheap bitches go walk naked next time. They arent far from it now anyways, better to take whoring to the final level then.

  3. Hhahaha o cara apareceu no pΓ’nico pqp

    Hey man you appeared on a very popular TV show on Brasil called PΓ’nico, and that girl is "Mendigata", you're welcome.

  4. DAM! He fucked up bcause he was suppose 2 get more vid time of dat ass! Her body was SUPER NICE!!!!

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