Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Full-Body Workout


Victoria’s Secret Sport invites you to join Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel and Ballet Beautiful’s Mary Helen Bowers for this all-new full-body workout. Plus, shop Candice’s look at


21 thoughts on “Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Full-Body Workout”

  1. Yeah I agree you should eat less be REAL HEALTHY and Exercise!!! 4 hours a day!!! if U really are capable of self control and controlling your self eating right taking care of your healthYourself!!! u know hitting the gym!

  2. U want a healthy lived Life then when u think ur hungry KNOCK IT OFF!!! AND DO FULL BODY EXERCISES!!! IF U WANT VS SLEEK! , gorgeous ballet muscles!!!

  3. It is 2 months since work out and when l started l was abt to die honestly it was so hard but now it is better and her work outs work so great for me ( from naturally skinny to fit)btw l did this like 2times a day it took my soul out but again it is worth it

  4. To lose wanting to lose significant amounts of weight I do not recommend these workouts, remember that these lovely ladies are already very fit, so they only do these workouts for maintenence, if you want to actually lose weight, you definitely have to do much higher intensity workouts with heavy weights 🙂

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