World Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments [HD]


England international Rio Ferdinand and pop star Olly Murs count down the World Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments. A look back at the most celebrated, most shocking and most memorable moments from the greatest show on earth. With contributions from World Cup winners Thierry Henry, Sir Bobby Charlton and Leonardo, plus England’s goalscoring legends Michael Owen and Gary Lineker, DJs Trevor Nelson and Greg James, comedian Russell Brand and pop stars JB from JLS and Lethal Bizzle.

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47 thoughts on “World Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments [HD]”

  1. What about the semifinal between Italy & Germany in 1970??? You haven't even mentioned the match of the century??

  2. como me gustaría ver esto en español o por lo menos subtitulado, lo vi completo y no entendí un carajo jajaaja que cagada!

  3. 24:09 people, i.e english hate Uruguay cause they know that 3.4 million inhabitants has more world cup victories than 65 million brits.

  4. 25:26 So Suarez celebrates that his team is not out of the Wolrd Cup and he's awful for doing so? British people are so butthurt that a nation of 3.4 million inhabitants has more WC trophies and also the most trophies of any other country on the planet (2 WC, 2 Olympic pre 1930 and 15 Copa America).

  5. This is NOT great world cup momments…..this is most about England, England, EnglandEngland, England, England, Brasil,England, England, England, Germany,England, England, England, England, England, England, England, England, England
    Where are most of the best players in the worls?? Who TFcares about Gascoigne??

  6. HOW stupid.. (football people in GB are) – Garreth Bale THE Man IS o. n. l. y. One .. missing in WORLDCUP team. (Some JUST) can NOT 'understand': 1 nation(like France, like Italy, like Spain..yo'know) yet'seperate' SoCalled 'team's: Wales? Scotland? northern Irland.. and so on. – Why. And WHY not 'OneTEAM': GB? ..( or 'brits',wåtEwör.. YOU wanna..) call it.

    – HOW stupid ( people in GB are) – THAT(G.B.) Man IS o. n. l. y. One .. missing in WORLDCUP.. stupid GB. (Remember.. YOUR WC history..'or' IS 'there any'..

    .. IS 'there any'.. GOOD? ) sad.

  7. You made a mistake in one of ur assessment.Senegal is the first African nation to reach the World Semi final. Your commentator said Ghana was attempting to be the 1st , loosing to Nop.I think it was at Japan korea world cup

  8. How's that luis suarez horrible , it's a red card. You play the cards or don't play. As a defender. I'll take the red to turn that 90% chance of a goal to a 50/50.

  9. the most beautiful thing about Maradona first goal is that more than 30 years have passed since then and the english still have Diego`s cock well inside hahaha

  10. for the 5th one about zidan its jst hes origines pop out 😀 i think it was a gift for all algerians…thank you zizo <3

  11. I kind of started to support England until I saw this and all these England tea bags commenting. What especially made me angry was the reactions to Suarez saving Uruguay.That was the greatest moment EVER!!!!!

    God what horrible people and horrible presenters. BOOOOOOOOOOOO TEA BAGS

  12. Where the hell was Ronaldinho’s free kick against England. I would of loved to hear the British people’s reactions😂

  13. Why does no one ever say that it was proved without any shadow of a doubt that the blood sample of Maradona was mixed up.

  14. Monkeys pretending European citizenship will never stop being an abomination. It ruins the sport to see it and being forced to tolerate at the point of a gun……. every damned place you look…….

  15. 23:51 #37 Suarez handball vs Ghana – Did they deliberately try to find the most ignorant dolts to comment on this one?

    Tom Davis (comedian?) – "We were all on Ghana's side. And you know why? It's because of the behavior of people like Luis Suarez."….Oh, THAT sure sounds objective. So you were only pulling for Ghana because you disliked Luis Suarez for "his behavior"…which he hadn't done yet. (Suarez still played for Ajax at this point)

    Helen Skelton (Presenter) – "It was so blatant."….Well of course it was. Suarez wasn't nefariously trying to get away with anything. He was trying to keep his team from being eliminated. He handled the ball, was duly sent off, and a penalty was rightly awarded to Ghana. No cheating involved at all.

    HS – "They were robbed at the last minute." No, Gyan missed a penalty kick, the prescribed award when someone handles the ball in the box.

    HS – "Who says cheaters don't prosper?" False narrative. Cheating implies that an individual was surreptitiously attempting to get away with something. Nothing like that happened here. At 24:53 – Why was Mensah (#5) and #21 applauding when the ref pulled out the red card? Shouldn't they have still been fuming, since Suarez "cheated?" Notice that the only 2 actual footballers to be interviewed (Shearer & Johnson) didn't demonize Suarez or even use the word "cheat." They know better. It wasn't evil. It was desperation. And it was exactly what any professional player worth his salt would've done in that same situation. If you need proof of that, just look at 24:44 and tell me what you think Fucile (#4) was trying to do with his left hand. Maybe HE was evil too!!! (rolls eyes)

    Asamoah Gyan (who missed the PK) later said that he would've done the same exact thing Suarez did in that situation. Why don't they interview Gyan, someone who was involved and knows what on earth he's talking about, for this? Ah, that's right. Doesn't fit the narrative the stupid media want to throw out there to make it more controversial. Better to elicit empty-headed opinions from people who wouldn't know a soccer ball from an aardvark.

    Greg James (DJ) – "And then you see Suarez in the tunnel, celebrating. Like he had just saved his team."…, because that's exactly what he did, dipweed. In fact, he saved his team TWICE. Just a moment earlier, he cleared a shot off the line that was going in. Uruguay paid a heavy price, losing Suarez for their 3-2 semi-final loss to the Netherlands, but at least they lived to fight another day. Thanks to Suarez.

    Why didn't they interview a plumber from Coventry or a nurse from Ipswich for this? Their observations would've been just as "expert." And probably funnier, too.

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