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34 thoughts on “What I Ate Today! (Quick & Healthy Food Ideas) | Annie Jaffrey”

  1. i love these videos and i keep repeating the over and over.why don't you do more of what i ate today i enjoy them.learn from them also it gives courage to be healthy(:please

  2. Fiiiiiiiinally a vegan that eats a good amount but of affordable food that can also be eaten in colder climates!! Thank u so much, I'm Scottish and watching many Australians eating 20 mangos all year round is just not achievable here lol so ur recipes have really helped

  3. Yes, follower since your previous quinoa tomato broccoli carrots stew haha ! Happy to see you're making more vids and especially beauty vids again! 🙂

  4. I used to make your old quinoa dish recipe all the time in college. I actually forgot that it was from your video. It's one of my favorites though because it's quick, flavorful, filling, and healthy. <3

  5. hi Annie I have seen some ur vedios. I like all. you seems a simple and fitness conscious girl. I also like ur makeup tutorials. u always used minimum products with right technique to apply onto face. loved all vedios. keep doing.

  6. i love your video so so much!!! So inspired me to eat healthier plus u make the best what i eat in day video.U so sweet , thx for sharing!!!😊

  7. Hey I'm new to your channel and I have been by far loving all your Videos. Just a quick question did this diet help you to get the skin you have now and to make you skin clear/glowing? Please reply 🙂

  8. Do you also have snack snacks in between this doesn't look like a lot of calories. The meals are high volume with lots of veggies which are loaded with fiber and I'm sure they will make you full faster but it seems like you are not consuming enough food.

  9. Hey Annie! Just re-watching some of your yummy what I eat in a day videos and was thinking it would be awesome if you did a vlog going grocery shopping and kind of letting us know what you buy and how much/ like do you go to the store every other day and just get what you need for a couple of days, or when buying greens, do you buy a lot at once? Etc. hope you’re well!

  10. Wow your such an inspiration. I was eating so healthy and felt physically and mentally great. And then I went through some really hard times and this month haven't been healthy. Today I'm getting back into my healthy routine because I have become exhausted. I been watching your videos and they have inspired me to be healthy again. I can't wait to feel great again

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