6pack bags 300 innovator and 500 innovator meal management


This is a comparison between the 300 innovator and 500 innovator meal management.

The bags in these videos are as follow
6pack bags 300 Black on Black Stealth.
Innovator 500 innovator Red on Black

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10 thoughts on “6pack bags 300 innovator and 500 innovator meal management”

  1. hey what is the container/storage thing that your wife is using for the baby. it was holding powder in it. I was thinking itll be convenient to hold protein powder in

  2. Can you hear the ice packs to keep the food warm or no? I bought one but because I got a new job and it's pretty far so I wanna be eating my hot meals on the road

  3. Excellent presentation.  You have talent as a speaker.  The product was well reviewed.  I like the details on improvements to an already excellent bag.  I will be purchasing because of the liner improvement.  My bags always rip there too.  Also very good imaging.  You never compromised the product.  Many reviewers are focusing the camera on their face or something else and you can not see the product well and from various angles.  I really appreciate your attention to details….rock on.

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