7 THINGS I EAT EVERY DAY | for a healthy vegan diet

healthy diet

here we go – 7 things that david and i eat every day. foods that we think are invaluable parts of a healthy diet, and that makes us feel energised, full and happy, without making us heavy or tired. all vegan, all whole foods, all plant based. of course !

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it can sound really boring being on a healthy diet. eating food that is good for your body must be boring in taste, right ?
wrong !
we are both major food lovers, and we can honestly say that we have never eaten more delicious food than we do as healthy vegans. go figure ^.^

do you have some type of food that you eat every single day ? we’d love to hear about it !

love // jenny & david


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36 thoughts on “7 THINGS I EAT EVERY DAY | for a healthy vegan diet”

  1. Jenny, I keep getting Wendy's advertisement before watching your videos for some reason. I just wanted to ask, is that controllable or is that mostly something related to what me or my family watch when using Youtube? It's a bit strange to start one of your beautiful videos with advertisement of chickens and other animal products. Anyway, I really want to eat similar to how healthy you eat. I tend to eat too much fried food, and I am currently trying to reduce it, especially since I'll be getting married at the end of April. I want to look a bit slimmer.

  2. OH MY GOSH!! Someone else also LOVES spinach!! And bananas. Two things i could eat daily the rest of my life! I got picked on a lot at work because i eat spinach all the time. Spinach soup is just too good to avoid. The best thing ever! With a tiny amount (or in my case much amount..) cayenne pepper~♥

  3. So I noticed you said you stomach gets used to lentils and won't get as gassy after awhile? How long would you say? I'm just curious because I LOVE lentils but get the worst smelling gas when I eat them lollllll. Is there anything I can do to help the gas?

  4. OMG

    I've been watching you guys for like 2 hours straight now. I think I'm hooked already. So h… yeah I would watch your morning show and I'm not even vegan (yet!)! You are great with the camera, have an amazing way to reach out to the viewers, you have a great eye for detail and I love your little gimmicks, ideas and tricks for fashion n lifestyle. You should bring in more interior decoration ideas. Altogether … Bravo!

  5. Oats is one of my favorite things too! I have some gut issues and oatmeal with a bit of banana is one of the only meals that actually makes my tum feel GOOD.

  6. everything you guys eat everyday is what I eat most of the days ! we eat more romaine lettuce than spinach though. I worked at a juicery and found out romaine is actually the most nutrition dence green leaf when you juice it its almost black.

  7. Maybe go pick smultron for yourselves this year and freeze a few bags or dry some to eat throughout the year.

  8. Love this channel so much >_<
    This conversation brought me to Self-Realization Town~
    I will not be vegan in the future, but I do plan on eating a very healthy diet. The idea of being vegan interested me because of the healthy aspect, but I'm too much of a foodie to put restrictions on what I eat. I'm not closing the doors to a vegan diet, but I'll leave them cracked ^^
    P.S. – Love you guys ( and garlic ♥♥♥)

  9. I don't know why but after the banana section of this video I couldn't stop humming 'var ligger landet där man böjer bananerna'… sorrynotsorry if that's stuck in your heads now too haha!

  10. I love the small strawberries – I am from Moscow originally and never know the english name for them! In Russian – Zemlyanika. But I have never seen them for sale in Ireland (where I live now). Only once found in Paris at a market for like 10 euro per 100g punnet! So worth it ha I am in London now and actually spotted them planted in Kings Cross – not the same. The beauty of these berries is you can't grow then anywhere. They are wild and best tasting when wild….My favourite berry by a landslide though! I agree with David.

  11. I just discovered your videos and that "mmmmmm" made me subscribe to your channel without any doubt 😂😂👌😍😍

  12. totally agree – all of these are very yummy. specially dried fruit in my opinion. when i first went vegetarian (early teens) i couldn't find any gummy candy without gelatin, so dried pineapple was my sub. so chewy and soo good!!

  13. I don't like oats but I just a put a little bit of them into most meals so I don't have to eat them on their own. Works perfectly

  14. Jenny, your food videos are so inspiring. You've got me eating fruit and sipping herb tea for evening snack. I love it. Feels so clean and relaxing.

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