GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

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Professional BASE jumper, Jeb Corliss, suffered a life threatening crash while proximity flying during a routine BASE jump. This is the story of his long road to recovery, his first jump back and the valuable life lesson learned along the way.

Shot on the HERO4® and HERO3 camera from ‪

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35 thoughts on “GoPro: Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery”

  1. Lets see…1. jump off cliff 2 in a glorified sleeping bag. 3 enjoy controlled fall at around 150 mph. 4 see how close I can get to big rocks . 5 brag about how stupid I am. What are people thinking?

  2. What prevents us from being free is our inner fear(s) precisely. The cause of the accident is not the loss of fear but the excess of insurance.

    It is said that one learns from one's mistakes. But if we create a society that wants to tend to perfection with a percentage error of 0%, a society where the error (which is human ..) must be eliminated, then we logically create a society that slowly is no longer allowed to learn .. It is then a stupid robotic society that creates "robots" always more educated to believe or judge what surrounds them, to divide, rather than to question themselves.

  3. This is an advertisement about: Don't be a moron and launch off cliffs in a body that is not designed for launching off cliffs / mountains. Have you ever met an albatross who crash landed on the side of a mountain!

  4. Congratulations on getting back on that horse squirrel suit.😂 but all kidding aside I am going to try this this summer and I will remember your words.i have a great admiration for you I just hope to be as good as you someday

  5. Your one lucky dude. You will feel thet when you get older. If you live that long. Good luck may the force be with you.

  6. the amount of adrenaline that he crashed…. initial adrenaline of falling + the fear when he crashed.

  7. It's not like he fel of a bicycle learning it (or further a very bad paragliding landing), he just miraculously escaped from a letal accident, 200kph on a rock. He is neither a reference nor a hero ! But a lucky guy. It is a very rare event, surviving from a mistake in basejump wingsuit ground close flight.
    I understand his love for his sport but I dont like Gopro uses it for commercial.

  8. wtf is up with the editing?? not everything has to be like a movie. . . . also i don't think he told anyone he wanted to fly also i don't think he watched birds all day…

  9. Lol, now he is maimed for life, with a million dollar medical bill, that someone else is going to have to pay. Yep. And then he goes and does it again, with another massive medical bill that someone else is going to have to pay for his next crash, if it doesn't outright kill him, which would actually be beneficial for the tax payer.

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