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Try to finish this challenge to Katy Perry’s Roar! Don’t stop! Print this month’s calendar here: & Get your beginner’s calendar here:

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Cassey Ho is a certified Pilates and fitness instructor, winner of YouTube Next Trainer, and was also recently named FITNESS Magazine’s Best Healthy Living Blogger.


50 thoughts on “Roar Challenge for Abs & Inner Thighs | POP Pilates”

  1. when doing exercises like the first abs exercise it is better to contract the pelvic floor otherwise the abs push the female organs down too much and cause problems later. 

  2. I absolutely adore your workouts. I do them every single day. Thank you for being so incredibly inspirational and choreographing workouts that anyone can do in their own home. You rule!

  3. Cassey Ho is so amazingly creative with her videos! I actually made it through the whole challenge! Whoo! I'm officially dying! My poor abs! Love you Cassey! Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and happy personality to get me through! 😉 

  4. Whenever I do the punches, the sides of my hips really hurt (and not in a good way)…. am I doing something wrong?

  5. Stating the obvious- its easier to keep going if you find the fun in working out but it's so difficult for me. This video however made me find that for the first time. Hopefully I can keep it up. Thank you tons, Cass 🙂 

  6. I am a week into my turn around. I decided that I was going to stay motivated for once! I have begun to try and lose my stomach many times but they have all failed, but now I have an inspiration board, a countdown to my school's summer ball and a goal in mind: to eventually get me 2012/13 body back! This is my favourite fitness video of yours, and the internet that I have found and I am yet to fully get through it, by that I mean I stop a few times during the criss-cross and struggle with the punches, but I will do it everyday to help me reach my goal and so one day I am strong enough to complete it!

  7. This was the perfect blend of difficulty and silliness! Loved it!! Can't wait to do it again later and be even better!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this workout!! 💕👌 it was the funnest workout I've ever done, thanks Cassey!! 😘❤

  9. still my favorite ab challenge to date! the exercises progression is so seamless yet challenging. Keep doing your thing Cassie!

  10. Y'all. By the end of that song I was thinking "SHUT UP ALREADY, KATY!!!!"😱 Im dying here!!!! lol!😂(but I did it!)

  11. Just discovered this video after almost a year of working out with Cassey. This is my new favorite abs workout!

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