How To Convert a Parrot to a Healthy Diet !

healthy diet

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Welcome back to Bird Tameness. A lot of Bird Lovers have been requesting the topic of transitioning from a regular seed mix to a pellet mic/gourmet mix or how to convince my bird/parrot to try fruits and vegetables as well as other food mixes. We asked Parrot Whisperer to answer this question and as usual, he is always there to help every single bird lover!. Comment your questions about your experience with your bird and leave a like if you found it useful!. Lastly, help us unite as one large bird training community by sharing this with other bird lovers !

A List of Some reputable Bird Seed Brands

2- RoudyBush
5-Volkman Avian
6-Pretty Bird
7-Zupreem Natural
9- Lafeber

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21 thoughts on “How To Convert a Parrot to a Healthy Diet !”

  1. Hey pw I am in need of bird toys and a bird seed holder. #parrotwhisperer and my instagram is @_blooming.orchid thank you for all you do!!! I have watched every video that you have posted!!!! I love you thank you!!

  2. It took me 2 years to persuade my budgie to try lettuce, I used his favourite treat as a reward. For some reason my local pet shops don't sell pellets so I have to get a budgie seed mix, I'm thinking of mixing dried fruit mix into his seed but is that a good idea?

  3. Guys !. It is not him who uploaded 167 Videos yesterday night. Its a Youtube glitch in their algorithm. He lost 4000 SUBSCRIBERS BECAUSE OF THIS!. Please do not unsubscribe the Bird Tameness Team and Parrot whisperer already fixed this. Read the description of the latest LIVE video !

  4. Hi Parrot Whisperer;

    My gran has a very young African Grey and it is a severely picky eater. It only accepts salt its fruit pellets, the occasional sliced apple, its daily tsp of honey and some salt free crackers.

    It is severely under weight and the vet cannot give us a better recommendation.

    Please help.

    Any veggies or fruits we offer are snubbed by the parrot like a baby refusing to open its mouth.

  5. I gave my ringneck parrots only sunflower seeds and they would often grow very obese and they died I was very heartbroken 😭 for some reason I thought I was not taking care of it and I think because of sunflowers seeds my bird was also very very lazy thanks Man U helped me a lot I will buy a parrot and do all the things u said

  6. What if my bird (I adopted him over a month ago, took him to the vet, all she said was keep trying stuff) won't eat ANYTHING?? I've spent so much $, time, & constant worry over this. He only nibbles at raw cashews, I've tried EVERYTHING, you'd get bored reading it. Please help!

  7. Do you have a rabbit or a cat? Who’s that is the upper right side of the screen, looking out as the camera…viewer side, the upper left side?

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