How to Lose Belly Fat – The Truth About Belly Fat, Abs, and Six Packs


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36 thoughts on “How to Lose Belly Fat – The Truth About Belly Fat, Abs, and Six Packs”

  1. a big thanks for such good intel… i hate 6 pack and big muscles on girls … your body is the perfect one, in my opinion.. people have all the right to differ

  2. I knew a guy who naturally had a 6 pack and his bro worked out hard to get one and never could. Sometimes it's just about genetics.

  3. Love this video and your guys approach to health and fitness and about how it's a lifetime journey and a healthy mindset it was so easy for me to spiral down into bad habits that I thought were gonna help me but me coming across your videos has really helped me full of great info and I LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS !!!!! I turn up some music and it's great !

  4. This is probably the best video I've watched from any fitness channel. It's so honest and Fitness Blender has always been so focused on health, not image. Thank you so much, guys! Keep doing what you're doing 💕

  5. Videos like these, are the main reason I trust and love you guys, thank you very much, you've just answered a big question I had. (Also, you're so lovely together :))

  6. I had a six pack….for about 3 months- the worst three months of my life. I got it by working out twice a day and eating little to no carbs or sugar. It sucked so bad- I was always tired and grumpy, not to mention tendonitus in both elbows, a messed up shoulder, torn ligament in my knee, and something in my right foot that felt like a ping pong ball. What's worse is no one even noticed my abs because I was always in such a crappy mood!

  7. You guys are blessings for me right now. Thank you very much for all the information and motivation you give to people is really meaningful 👍💪 ~LUCKYLOBO

  8. It is so refreshing to have you two speaking the truth about nutrition, exercise and mind set! I've been using your workout videos and listening to your nutrition advice and you guys are real, sane and tell it like it really is. I'm 60 and just trying to stay strong and healthy as long as I can and thank you for being my mentors and inspiration. I'm 5'7" and weigh about 132 lbs but my body is shape shifting daily and I'm just trying to keep it in check. I love the 30 minute 5 day workout for busy people and others. My mom just turned 80 and does yoga daily. She is also my inspiration. Keep up this wonderful fitness blender channel and thank you!

  9. Any advice for belly after giving birth? I'm fine with my wight but I want to get my belly where it was (it was not perfect but now it's a "mother belly" 😣.

  10. I don't know what it is about you two, but he has a perfect body. It's no exaggerated muscles ou nor thin with veins appearing. Perfec.

  11. I've been struggling with anorexia and over-exercising for a few years now. I'm now a lot healthier after a few spells in hospital and really into running and fitness but also really into eating!! and am finally finding a good balance. You guys are the final nail solidifying my recovery. Thank you so much <3

  12. I love you guys so others down the comments I trust u guys in what you say and ur the only one I look upto when it comes to these kinda questions…I'm really grateful for your channel!!!! love u loadzzz

  13. There is so much common sense all you say that it seems incredible how all the other lies work so well in order to sell so many "fitness" products.
    Thank you for pursueing real health

  14. Hey, I'm a new subscriber and I just wanted to say this channel is awesome. I love how you explain things in a clear manor with no BS!! Fantastic, thank you x

  15. Listening to this while munching on unhealthy food…. I've actually seen results with HIIT Training, lost a couple of centimeters around the waist thanks to that. But I'm in my final year at university and it's become busy again. And then I tend to fall back into unhealthy habits. So annoying!

  16. Why I like your videos is because I feel like you guys are working out with me, and not like teacher – student that usually have gap that the teacher is more superior. I've been using your videos since 2015, even now I use your videos as my main workout everyday. I've changed a lot thanks to you both!

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