Persian Rice – How to Make Perfect Steamed Rice

Learn how to make Persian-style Rice! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Persian Rice recipe!


49 thoughts on “Persian Rice – How to Make Perfect Steamed Rice”

  1. I'm Arabic and we eat Persian food too I eat this kind of food all the time (aka I eat rice everyday) so it's surprising how a non-Persian man can make such an amazing Persian dish

  2. That was wonderful how you made it sooo simple, thank you. Usually I use the "pasta method" to cook the rise until it is done and skip the steaming part, but now that you make it look so simple I will try includin the second step … see lots of possibilities there.

  3. I wonder If I can pre-make my rice this way (non basmati) to make chinese fried rice since it always uses slightly cooled pre-cooked rice.

  4. Dear Chef
    Im Persian and during last years Iranians tried not to strain the rice because the water that is thrown away is full of vitamins and minerals.
    Eventhough we still do it for our ceremonies because rice looks better in this way.
    Another point is that we need to check to see when is the time to rinse the rice by biting the seeds of rice,we look at the center of the rice and if it is half cooked we rinse it.

  5. I remember this dish from a very long time ago and it did not contain potatoes. The bottom crust was called Tarde. It was made with yogurt and egg yolks. No authentic old-world cooking contains potatoes, peppers or chilies. By-the-way, I’ll be 84 on my next birthday.

  6. As much as love cooking, I'm profesianal chef, I cook every day of the week, and I started to learn different world cuisine. But this guy is smoking too much weed for me… Sorry pal. Enjoy your adventure

  7. Well one of the best ways to make them softer is let the rice soak the salt water in the pot for like 20 minutes before boiling it

  8. Two things you forgot:
    1. You have to soak the rice in water 2 hours before put it in boiled water
    2. You added too much water to the saffron
    Good luck.

  9. olive oil gives bad taste to rice, believe me.
    this is the West way of cooking Persian rice, it is just Ok, but far from perfect.

  10. There is a uzbekistani tajik dish called plov where there is chicken instead of potatoes, and there are whole garlics in the rice. It's delicious

  11. Yummy! This rice reminds me of the rice from the kebab place that I go to. They pour the saffron over the rice and lay the kebab on top with roasted tomatoes and jalapeños.

  12. سلام آقای جوادی خداکنه سلامتی خودرابدست بیاورید…آمین

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