9 Chef Tips To Improve The Food You’re Already Cooking!

In this weeks Fridgecam James is wearing a chef’s jacket and giving cooking advice, no one tell Ben.

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26 thoughts on “9 Chef Tips To Improve The Food You’re Already Cooking!”

  1. TOP TIP: If you can't get buttermilk in your country, yoghurt does the same exact thing. Gives you SUPER tender chicken that you can even cut up with a spoon! (Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to overnight)

  2. I'm sitting here eating potato chips and alternately dipping in date caramel and goat cheese. I am a culinary genius

  3. I am watching this in August 2017 and it takes be right back in time with the music intro and Ben's rant with Barry shutting him up. Maybe you guys could do a throwback once in a while? And while you're there, it has been a long time since we saw some bloopers 🙂

  4. you should do a 'just James' segment. noone else. just him cooking. could be anything really. but just james…

  5. James needs 2 be on fridgecam more and needs 2 be on big night in ….basically more James cos he's lush and scottish…maybe? Lol

  6. Want a really juicy chicken? Spatchcock it (cut out the backbone, flatten it and tuck the wings under the bird), season with a bit of oil, salt, pepper and whatever, roast on a wire rack in a rimmed baking sheet in a 500 F oven for like 40 minutes (check with an instant read thermometer for the light and dark meat to be done).

  7. wait…so tip 4…you remove moisture, to cook it in moisture and reintroduce moisture? Your logic is flawed…The reason it stays crunchy, is because you peeled it making it the same thickness on top as on bottom..not because you removed moisture instead of overcooking the top and having the bottom crunchy (or bottom soft and you mush the top)

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