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Learn how to teach your dog to wave goodbye with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.

Stelle and I are going to show you how to teach your dog to wave good-bye. When teaching this trick, you’re going to want to have a clicker to mark when your dog has done something correct, as well as several small treats that you can use as rewards. Make sure your dog does like those treats.

It is easiest to teach your dog to wave good-bye by first teaching them a high five. Then you can transition over to the wave.

When teaching this, you can start by holding a treat inside of your hand. Most dogs will try to paw at something they want. The moment she does, that’s when I’m going to click and then give her the treat.

So I’m trying to make my timing so that the click happens when her paw’s actually touching my hand. If she tries to do this with both paws, I’m not going to reward. Only if it’s with one paw. There.

Once your dog is doing that consistently, you can switch to an empty hand signal. That means there is no longer a treat in your hand. You can make that hand signal look like a high five. Very nice.

When your dog is doing that high five easily, you can work on switching to a wave. So this time I’m going to just hold my hand slightly out of her reach, hopefully capturing that wave. So you can see Stelle is trying to reach my hand. Can’t quite, and that’s what looks like a wave.

Now I can add on a verbal clue. My verbal clue is going to be the word ‘bye’. I’m going to say that once and then give the hand signal. Bye.

With enough repetition she will begin waving at me on the verbal cue of ‘bye’. Bye.

And that’s how you teach your dog the trick of waving bye.


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  1. You'll be able to put an end to the unexpected biting, chewing, digging from your dog and see family and your friends surprise at how awesome your pet is.

  2. that is the cutest dog I have ever seen and when it zoomed in on its tail , I just died in my seat. My dog is learning this but mine is a german shepard who is vey fussy. If I hold my hand away she tries to get it resulting her scratching  my skin off

  3. is it ok to say good girl/boy or yes or something else instead of using a clicker? I don't like using clickers seems too cruel to me idk why :/

  4. Okay I gotta say that pointing to where the dog had to walk to and then to sit there was really cool, you can just tell her to sit anywhere specifically (@ 2:13 )

  5. so we have maltese dogs , about 8 months old.

    One of them always looks at us like 'what are you doing human' when we are trying to do him tricks XD

    The other is often very hyper, and when trying to teach him tricks, wel he goes into a playful state very quickly! Also when we try to use treats he only focusses on those treats!!

    the commands 'sit, here, come, stay, no and bench' they already understand, mostly done without treats just from very young age taught. except bench, they don't always answer the commands good, or just ignore. How do we perfect these commands?

    Especially 'here' and 'no'? cause when the neighbors get noisy they run to that side of the garden and start barking! only one of them (2) would mostly react to 'here', the other just ignores. The barking stopping with 'no' doesn't really work…. How do we teach them these commands when they are in an excited state?

    + how do we teach a dog tricks when he gets hyper the minute you start? or only focusses on the treat?

    + how do you teach a dog tricks, how do you get him interested in what you are asking?

  6. wow this is really cool i tried it on my stadard poodel and i did not have a clicker so i clicked with my mouth but she learened it quick sorry for spelling imma kid

  7. I have used so many of your videos with Stella! really made it so easy to train my own dog Pongo. Lure training, clicker training, shaping. Learning so much thanks!

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