ESCAPING Through Workers’ Offices AFTER Bailing A Climb



This experience felt like I was in a Mirror’s Edge parody.. A bad one..

Music Samples (Background):

Location: Kaunas, LT (Lithuania).


34 thoughts on “ESCAPING Through Workers’ Offices AFTER Bailing A Climb”

  1. You guys should play literally any song from the Breaking Bad OST. The music you use is more like a stealth mission in a video game, which is cool and fitting, but it’s no where near as BADASS

  2. dude when he got home from work at the dinner table that night musta been like, "Yeah i spotted a ninja today at work, had to unlock the door for him."

  3. Try not to use yellow paper next time, way too visible… we kids in boarding school used tape holding the latch in, others could still use the door without even noticing that it wasn't fully closing. And if it eventuallt fell off its use was not apparent. Would you please narrate your text or make the text bigger and increase the color contrast because right now it is very hard to read on a 7" tablet and phone's screens are all much smaller than that. Thanks!

  4. So you leave us hanging with the shot of the white van and "security personel have already arrived"? Not going to give us the lowdown on how that went?

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