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hey guys! Today’s video is a HUUUGE healthy food grocery haul! I hope you like it 🙂 xo Cambria Joy

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44 thoughts on “HUGE HEALTHY FOOD HAUL!”

  1. i actually like when you cook. i love those ideas because i am in the process of changing my eating habits.

  2. Totally LOVE coconut aminos and also the so delicious brand! I'm also gluten free. I haven't looked yet…but if you don't have a video of some gluten free recipes, you totally should because I've been looking!!

  3. Could you share how you make the zucchini bread – I tried the TIU nutrition plan zucchini bread last week and it was an epic FAIL!!! I have such a hard time cooking with protein powder. My protein pancakes, zucchini bread and doughnuts have all turned out WRONG! Loving your youtube channels just discovered them this weekend 🙂

  4. Damn that cereal kinda thing with oats, honey and coconut looks so good!! I love healthy food hauls ^^ I just filmed one too because of seeing so many other awesome hauls!

  5. I'm OBSESSED with Moroccan Mint Tea 🙂 They have the individual tea bags at my local Winco and it's soooooo good! ^_^

  6. Hi Cambria I really like your vlogs, you are very inspirational and always have something good to watch….. I noticed you said you don't eat wheat of gluten, are you gluten intolerant or do you just prefer to stay away from it?

  7. i enjoy watching hauls "this way" haha i like seeing your face in the hauls….love you:) thank you for the haul

  8. I like how you're recording with every item coming out of the bag 🙂 Keep these healthy food hauls coming. I love this!

  9. Hello! I really love your videos, you inspired me so much to work out more and not worry about calories, so thanks!:) I wanted to ask if you've ever thought about eating a plant-based diet? I do it for about two years and I feel great. Also please make more vlogs! Greetings from Czech Republic

  10. What are some other good youth era who have channels like you and are Christians. Because they are hard to find.

  11. Hey cambria, could you please atleast buy free range not cage free eggs, because cage free may not be in a cage but they are crammed into sheds and even on free range farms they kill off the chickens are they no longer produce eggs.

  12. Cam! I'm severely allergic to wheat also. I can occasionally (once a month) eat 1 slice of sourdough because the wheat is fermented

  13. I have PCOS and I love watching your videos because I have to eat gluten free( wich I dont always do ) because I dont know what tastes good. I have had some epic fails. Thank you for sharing.

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