GoPro: Mavericks 2014

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Go behind the scenes with the GoPro production team in this recap of Mavericks 2014. See GoPro athletes Jamie Sterling, Mark Healey and Shane Dorian, along with the world’s best big wave surfers, conquer and survive the elements of mother nature.

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34 thoughts on “GoPro: Mavericks 2014”

  1. It's a shame they didn't face he GoPro cameras in the direction the boards were traveling instead of looking back which is lame

  2. WOW! as a surfer and knowing the feeling of getting caught inside with small to medium waves (4 to 10 foot), that first segment was freakin terrifying!! Could'nt begin to think about being in that position of having a high heart rate and paddling as hard as you can and watching the ocean stand up in a wall of 25 foot or bigger…..

  3. I'm glad I surfed in the 70s as a young teen before it became so commercialized. All it's about now is getting the best videos and pictures for You Tube and surf magazines and movies. Every time it's good all the epic spots are packed with boats and jet skies, spectators and non surfer videographers . There's no such thing as a secret spot anymore and the crowds are out of control no matter how big it is. And don't even bother on regular days. An awesome sport getting ruined by technology and over population.

  4. I went to this event live and just sitting in the harbor infront of a huge jumbotron watching hellmen put their lives on the line was just incredible. Being eleven, the vibe was just awesome but at the same time people are holding their breaths with the surfers on the screen.

  5. People who say these waves don't look that big must not surf. These are massive and scare the crap out of me. I have so much respect to all of these surfers.

  6. Great stuff.. but this little film encapsulates the whole GoPro 'thing' … .. Just surf leave the tech at home and tell your friends about it over a beer.

  7. I remember hearing a story my dad told me about one of the first guys to surf mavericks and that he had to paddle out for 2 hours to reach the break

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