Cardio ABS | Bonus Workout #BeachBabe4


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46 thoughts on “Cardio ABS | Bonus Workout #BeachBabe4”

  1. I use to dread working out but I can't wait to do this! I love doing toneitup videos. The only ones I have fun doing

  2. I love the new setting and Kat looks better than ever, I've never seen so much lean muscle on her but… I really don't like stand up ab workouts. Sorry guys, I'll be doing bikini abs today 😉

  3. Anyone else who got really tired and heavy legs during the first part where you have to pull your leg up? Didn't think it would be so 'difficult'..

  4. when im doing the very last excersice i feel a weird pain in my lower back. Its not really pain, but i get a real uncomfortable feeling against my pelvis bones. Am I doing something wrong. I really like this excersice but i want to do this the correct way. I love this workout! thank you very much

  5. Jaysus! It looked like it was boiling hot out! Fair play to you katrina. I much prefer the Irish weather during and after a workout for the cool down!
    Love your videos ladies, it's the only workout that motivates me!

  6. It looks beautiful but sweltering to work out there! Don't know how you did that girl, if there's anything that's inspiring it's this

  7. Hi k&k,
    I am loving cardio abs and all your new workout the result are amazing in such a short time.
    kat could you tell me how you did you hair as loving the waves and what product you use.

  8. I'm just loving this routine! It's been so good for my transverse abs in my little mommy tummy:) thanks!

  9. I suffer from Pelvic Instability and I find that I struggle to follow some of the moves especially the move doing the side plank with one leg going up to the side… do you know If I will get used to this move eventually even with pelvic instability?

  10. I literally feel soo sweaty right now!??? great work out but the start was rocky for me I felt my left hip "cracking"…is that normal?

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